Take my hand and come on the
ultimate journey with me

From struggle, disconnection and
overwhelm to being grace on legs.

On the outside you're successful

and an expert in your field

But tell me this: on the inside are you feeling the way you expected? Do you find yourself checking off career goals only to still feel unfulfilled once you reach the top?


The truth is, you can't shake the feeling that something; significant is missing in your life.

There is an emptiness inside you. You feel it in your heart and your soul. No amount of money, clients, best selling books or sold-out speaking events will cure it. You've tried all the self-help books you can get your hands on and invested in personal development seminars but nothing has truly brought you closer to feeling what you desire.


Life takes us away from our spiritual nature

It's time to reconnect!

As a lover of expanding and growing you're already doing incredible personal work, but you need to bring in self-awareness of heart and soul. We never really heal or are happy until we work with consciousness flowing through us.

I'm here to show you that being deeply spirtual doesn't mean you have to spend years away in a monastery or ashram. You can experience the healing and bliss of finding God while still living and functioning in the 'real world'!


After 20 years of dedication to inner work in an Ashram, I have gained the wisdom to heal my life and live my purpose as well as helping many women do the same.


I distill my lifetime of spiritual work and exploration to you in a very simple and easy to understand way to ensure the message resonates for you quickly and powerfully..


Spirtual practice is not 'woo woo', it's intelligent effort full of wisdom and love. I will take you so much deeper than other tools you may have tried like tarot, law of attraction or psychics to unlock the missing links in your life.


Experience of the Divine and transform your relationship with the world, your business, your relationships and your Self

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What we'll explore together...

  • How to Leverage Consciousness
  • How to Take Inspired Action with Clarity
  • Finding Peace and Connection in any situation
  • Integrate All of Your Life to Your Spiritual Journey
  • How to Brand Your Enlightened Self
  • Create Work Spirit Life Balance
  • Anchor Yourself in Grace

You can


A full day intensive experience!

Do you know of the powerful effects of meditation. but beat yourself up or have given up on the idea because you struggle to sit still and clear you mind?

Well this is the workshop for you! I'm here to show you that there are many ways to meditate and by the end of the day we will have found the right one which works for you! I will be recreating the ashram experience for you, giving you a comprehensive meditation practice you can take home and integrate into your daily life to feel more peace, calm and resilience.

Meditate Image.jpg




Immerse yourself in...

A delicious mystical experience for five days reconnecting with who you really are through meditations, ancient fire and invocation ceremonies, powerful self-inquiry sessions, the stillness of the bush and much more.

Emerge with a great sense of peace, wholeness, clarity, purpose and especially wisdom and right action. You will know how to get love and grace flowing in all areas of your life.