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She is in all of us


Who Is She?

She is supremely herself. She is eternally free.

Nothing or no-one owns, dictates to or controls her.

She has the wisdom of a monk, the devotional heart of a Gopi.

She is a modern mystic. She understands what is healing.

Her boss is the cosmos, and her purpose is to simply be love, truth & consciousness.

She knows what is real abundance. She always moves to a divine perspective.

She is kind, humble and the fullest expression of herself.

She is both non-dual and dual. She knows it is all one.

She loves & honours the richness of the spiritual traditions & moves freely between them.

She doesn't need to leave her life and live in a cave to know God

She is committed to knowing who she is. She is full of nectar, flowing, discerning.

She is the full spectrum of creation — both light and dark.

She embraces all. She lives in the eternal moment.

She takes her experience of God as her vision of the world, a divine play of consciousness.

She dances to the beat of creation, Spanda.

She is ok being a human — to laugh, to cry, to dance and to feel pain.

She chooses who she spends her time with and who she shares her life with.

She keeps her heart open. She's colourful.

She doesn't need to be all things to all people. She simply follows what is expansive.

She knows Grace is mystical and powerful.

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She knows there are magic and miracles; life is not dry and rational.

She knows within her is the goddess, empress, priestess, warrior and doesn't care for she's happy being her.

She is powerful because of her being, by not needing to be powerful or fierce or in control.

She is a modern Rishi. She is God's agent. Her home is her temple.

She knows when to surrender, when to be determined and when to use tough love.

She relishes the journey and surrenders to the outcome.

She allows herself to be open. She doesn't have to be anything.

She has used her daily worldly life to transform and experience God.

She enjoys the building of grace, peace, resilience & love through spiritual practice.

Her heart is her doorway to the divine. She uses her gifts to contribute to the world.

She is holding the space for an enlightened, peaceful society.

She is in all of us. x

Are you ready to uncover the

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dormant inside you?




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