Intuitive Meditation

Energy Healing

Self Inquiry


Healing happens…

in BEING, when we access our essential nature, with some higher wisdom as guidance.

Healing is a remarkable and fulfilling journey.  Attitude and self-talk is everything, so bring in ancient time proven skills like self-inquiry.

You don't need healing because you have the wrong vibration or because you did anything wrong. Thinking these thoughts is unhelpful and interrupts your healing process. You have a divine assignment and Grace is always available.

Sessions are available now, online or in person.

Healing is all about being. All spiritual solutions to any issue stem from Being. Let's share a space of Being and heal x


·      Holding a space of PURE BEING.

·      Channelling energy.

·      Working with the mind body connection.

When in dire need of clarity around a major life decision, Sally managed to help me sift through the murkiness when all other paths pursued had failed. Given that I am not particularly spiritually inclined person but lean towards more practical theory-based solutions, I was astounded at the result of her guided meditation.
Sally intuitively knew what to ask and when and ensured she was there for me 100% - I don’t recommend people unless I believe in their abilities or trust the services or products they provide. Without hesitation, I would recommend Sally who gives so generously of her
time, knowledge, experience and heart space.
— Michelle Kuklinski

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