Yoga is NOT A Class at a Gym

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What the hell is yoga?

What is she banging on about?

Think of what it takes for unity and union with the divine.

There are many faiths and many roads to Rome so to speak, yet the ones that have worked for ions are the ones that understand you can’t leave anything out and you have to let everything go.

Yoga is a whole.

It is a way of living. If you imagine a tree, the trunk is the way to God, to enlightenment and the branches are the varying ways.

There are four predominant approaches, from any path you take, it’s only ever these:


In the yoga worlds, they make up the approaches.

Yet in fact, you need ALL of them.

You don’t need to pull one bit out and think it will do it because it won’t. And that is precisely what has happened in the west with postural yoga and downward facing dogs. That is why I continuously say, yoga doesn’t mean a downward facing dog!

The trunk of the tree is in fact, meditation.

How you get into this state and what kind you do and what nature you have depends on which of the four you take.

If you think for a moment that your twists and bends on a Saturday morning are taking you to liberation, think again. If you think the average teacher training course is designed for you to have the support and knowledge to realise the self, think again. It’s not. One month in Bali, India or Byron Bay won’t do it.

The biggest crime is we have taken the ‘OM’ out of postural yoga. And I really mean crime, it’s total butchery.

I do want to add a disclaimer here, there are some magnificent and sensational schools and teachers out there, just not so standard and even less go through and understand sadhana, the real work.

All that matters is you have the best grounding and education possible to go and work it out for yourself, through experience. The way to do that is to find one and STICK to it. Like anything else, you have to go through the pain barriers, the discomfort, the delusion, the ego burning and be a true spiritual warrior.

Just the same as a book or scripture won’t do it either. Dependency on word from a book is nothing short of lunacy, it’s limited. The right attitude to scripture is mystical and remarkable and never appropriately taught because most teachers aren’t established in truth and really know what it’s about.

Crazy people with no awakening, no yoga take something like a book at face value and then shove it down people’s throats. Nothing spiritual, intelligent or enlightening about that. Don’t tell me your book is special, they are all the same. You need a level of awakening and awareness to get it. What is unique is how you have integrated and experienced the literature which hopefully came from an authentic source and carries with it tremendous Shakti or energy.

Nor will being purely an energy worker, joining a congregation or being a mindfulness relaxation practitioner.

It’s the whole guys. Yoga is a whole. It is a DEDICATED PRACTICE AND APPROACH TO UNION WITH GOD then bloody doing something with it. It is embracing and encompassing whether you do it through wisdom, devotion, action or energy work.

You never ever need to touch your toes to find God.

You never need to dance and sing either.

You have to find the approach for you and develop the other areas on the way.

Because here’s the rub, there is nothing to find. You are already it. Be smart and find the best person to give you what you most need to take you where you are meant to go which is who you already are. Bizarre hey?

Embrace it all and my new favourite line – especially the grubbiness of life and being a human.

My foundation message has always been and always will be:

Recognise who you are
Become anchored in it
Take this to the world as your souls calling.

Go to the world as the spiritual leader you are, the visionary and healer. Only then. That is the only qualification. There are no others. Know who you are. Know the truth and be established in it.

I want yoga to be a universal word and not pigeonholed as it has become. I have acquaintances from many varying faiths and see the mental mess they are in. So many think they are there, but they are miles away and have too much pride to be open to new perspectives that would break them into the freedom they need. They need yoga.

Whether you are a Christian, a Jain, a Shaman, a Druid, all boil down to the same four core approaches.

Be brilliant my darling. Be amazing. Be wise and loving and most of all, be of service to humanity.

Spandashakti Yoga is now here. An enlightened society through spiritual leadership – wisdom, love, service and grace.

By God are you allowed to thrive on your gifts and connection to the divine!!!

I know, I know…sexy AF. I always say that haha.

I’m home.

Yes, my background is Vedic and so will the pathway, but in essence, it’s universal and can be translated to anything else. Just read my book the She-Monk, and you’ll see how universal.

I’d love your input. Love to know what you want, does this resonate with you? The brand work was the final laboratory in my decades of commitment and has exploded into this and merged into a more significant and oh so satisfying whole.

My six-month program has erupted and merged into this also and become an ongoing Master Group. The She-Monk Master Group.

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Sally Thurley