What is the cost of not finding your voice?

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What’s your true voice?
Do you really think about? Do you think before you speak?
Do you speak from a place of limitless possibility?
Do you understand your eternal voice?

Even better, what is the source of your voice?

This, of course, all ties in with the soul ignited brand work – who are you really and how do you express it?

There is a way. I have a ritualistic approach to expressing my true voice.

This can only happen with a discipline of course, or the mind takes over like an elephant walking on a wedding cake.

When we don’t go that extra mile with awareness to our voice, we miss the clues on why aspects of life aren’t working for us. We feel unheard. That’s the pits!

How about you? Are you feeling heard? Are you getting what you want to say across to the people you need to say it to?

The cost of not finding out voice is not establishing or anchoring into the being of who we are. We don't know what we really think or want on a soul level. We are at the whim of the stronger opinion of others. We play into the trap of comparing to others. We can get angry, resentful, nasty, jealous about those who speak up and get heard. We go down avenues that are the wrong direction. We can be prone to anxiety, sadness, victimhood.

Then there's those in business. Copywriting, content writing, new ideas for courses and optins. Does this clog your system and slow down your brain?

What gives you the edge? What sounds interesting? What flows best for you?


This is big stuff.

Do you look for constant formulas and recognition from others on what is good or right to say?

Your voice is what CREATES YOU!

That may sound heavy, but it’s the truth.

Your voice comes through the filter of your ego mind, otherwise known as your lower self.

There is a higher voice. Much higher. When I say that I don’t mean to look to the skies, it’s actually within, it’s more that it comes from a higher intelligence.

I’m also not meaning a spirit necessarily, I’m meaning literally from YOU.

When we access our own consciousness, our universal personal connection and learn how to stream it through us, we have our voice.

Some outsource to spirits, but this can open up for negative entities and also doesn’t build the muscle for you own soul connection. You really don’t need to.

What I’m talking about is known as ‘automatic writing’.

I’m an automatic writer. Always have been. It’s only recently I saw how fortunate this skill is and how much I’d love others to have the same ability.

I add the world conscious. I’m more interested in presence and awareness and channelling consciousness from your inner Self rather than opening up to other forces.

Clean, safe, fun.

Somewhere along the way, we let the rational people talk us out of rituals. That’s crazy. I totally believe that’s a contributor to the levels of stress, disconnection and depression on the planet.

Proper rituals open the heart, connect us to source, give us a discipline. So find the good ones!

I have one for you :-D

Join my FREE upcoming Spirit Copy Conscious Automatic Writing Challenge!

Starting July 30th to August 3rd.

I give you everything I use.

All that matters is that we have something important we are here to say and contribute and that we get it out with the most authentic voice possible, so it hits the right people who need to hear it.

In the process, we discover and learn so much about ourselves. We develop a fantastic meditation practice and get information that can help us also.

Looking forward to sharing this with you. You have a LOT to lose when not being heard, not speaking from your innermost realms. You have tonnes to gain when you start. One of those is complete satisfaction and peacefulness with life. That’s how I feel.

Starting next Monday, come along!

Join: http://write.spiritcopy.com

Sally Thurley