We don't have to renounce life to be free

No matter what spiritual background we come from, there comes the point where all that matters is that once we discover our spiritual nature, we find a way to become seriously anchored in it - realise our Self in presence, and take that vision, that attitude to the world.  That’s it.  Nothing else matters.  To get to the eternal moment or pure presence, we go inward, within, while radically present.  Everything we want is waiting inside there, and the most important practice ever to become anchored in grace is meditation. Everything we want is there, out the other side of our beliefs, concepts, striving, etc. 

But how do we do that? We get told a lot of lovely stories and ideas but who tells us really how to do it and who takes the time to do it?  For thousands of years, we have been in an age and dimension where serious ‘tapasya’ was needed to cross the threshold to the God experience.  It got to the point where renunciation became necessary and all the rage but the problem there, is that we missed another valuable way that presented itself.  

We became so conditioned to letting go, removing identity, ego, belongings, titles, money, ambition as monks, nuns and what have you that we are still carrying centuries of beliefs in our psyche regarding what is spiritual and how to know God or consciousness.  We seem to fight for our right these days to have all our hearts desires.  There are many new age teachings to help us there, but let’s face it, they are so focused on desire that they keep us in a loop of desire and further from what it is we really want – union. They have strayed too far from this. 

We don’t need to fight.  We don’t need to be excessive either nor vulgar which is what puts so many off the modern spirituality and money issue.  There are elegant alternatives.  There is a certain amount of surrender and renunciation that will always be relevant – like attachment and free will.  The way we missed that I mentioned before was a very mystical and clever yoga for the ‘householder’.  

This was the tradition I studied in for many years.  It says that rather than remove ourselves from life and become still and return home, use life as the means and practice with your spiritual practice to become still in the midst of it all and return home.  To be anchored in the Self in grace, however, we still do almost same work, it’s just the application is different and the result – you could be a monk or an entrepreneur for example.  Or a She-Monk in my world. Awesome hey?

At the end of the day, the only way we will find peace, equanimity, compassion, love, stillness and wisdom will be when we commit to doing the work. We must do it with the kind of dedication a monk would have, and we bring everything into one point of now, of integration and go beyond the crap. Every journey we go on can be one home.  Love, career, family, health, you name it.  

This all sounds nice, it’s fascinating I know, it’s my favourite thing! But who’s going to go that extra mile? Who is willing to be humble and throw themselves on the fire of spiritual transformation?  I see people come through my workshops and I can tell they are thinking ‘that’s easy, I do that’ when it’s clear they don’t/won't. Not in the way that’s needed. And it is that easy, what I give you in the workshop, what the essentials are.  Too easy in fact.  But I have not met anyone yet who takes it on, who does get present to the movement of consciousness, who asks who they are in every moment, who follows breath to one-pointedness daily.  The result is bliss.  The result is union.  The result is you can’t even speak about it.  Who’s that hungry? You?

Then there’s the question, what are those beautiful practices that create serenity, joy, peace, wisdom, love like the Dalai Lama, Amma? And what works best for me?  What will take me across the river of doubt, fear, darkness to home? In this life for me, nothing else mattered. Who doesn’t want to have a strong ‘asana’ or seat in God consciousness? It’s ok, I know I’m a little different.  I always have been.  I was only a young girl when I’d decided that’s all I wanted. Plus a pony, of course.  

If you are ready, really ready and you want it all straight up without having to go away to the Himalayas, weed gardens in a monastery or spend years understanding Sanskrit, then I’m happy to take you away with me.  A small group for five days, into the bush and give you that seat, that anchor.  What you do with it is up to you, but you will have the road map home. Something that’s worked for many centuries and is as relevant and magnificent today as it was back then.  Why the Bush? Because there’s nowhere more spiritual than the Aussie bush and there’s also no better time than deep in the belly of winter to go within, with nourishing meals and pot belly stoves.  Heaven! 


But you have to be ready. Have to be hungry and have to have a beginner’s mind because this isn’t a spa retreat and it isn’t fluffy and woo-woo, and it will totally break your brain.  That’s why you will need five days! You won’t get the transformation or transmission in less time than that, and I don’t have the nature to want to give you a Band-Aid.  You want to go home, and I want you to go there too.  

If this is just what you have wanted, then I’m taking applications now for June 18th, 2017.  You can have a look here and feel free to respond, leave a comment, email me on info@sallythurley.com. 

Love and live Gracefully, 

Sally xo