Want to find freedom? Here's the first place to look.....

It’s possibly obvious that freedom is a state I hold dear.  It took a long time actually for me to really get it.  I mean there’s spiritual freedom which is so alluring and desirable, then there’s freedom in the world, freedom from our struggles.  I used to make the mistake thinking that transcending the world brought freedom, which  momentarily it did, but true freedom really came when I owned my life and took ultimate responsibility for it.  Interestingly, the real juicy gorgeous freedom came when I owned my tendencies and moods and shadow side and embraced them all instead of trying to disown them. 


True freedom is in fact, a feeling.  It’s a blame free place of total acceptance.  It’s being grounded in the truth of who we are and making a decision to act from that place.  The outer circumstances haven’t changed, but our inner mood or feeling has become peaceful, accepting, loving.  We realise we are free.  Freedom creates a space that has a yummy eternal feel to it.  We can breathe, we can move, we can create.  We can hope.  We can transform.

A term I heard a lot in my spiritual education was ‘Siddha Swatantrya Bhava’ which means a person who has realised the self is always supremely free.  Bhava means mood or emotion that effects our behaviour.  The knowledge and understanding of this Siddha’s being, creates a mood and attitude of freedom. 


Investigate our mood.  It’s all about the ‘tude baby. 

This mood is accessible to all of us, we don’t have to be a Siddha or realised being.  Of course being around such being gives us the experience by default.  If the outcome is the mood, then the first go to place would be to have a look at our mood or attitude. 


Give this a try.  Sit in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and start to focus on taking gentle, calm breaths.  Take a note of how you feel.  Now take your awareness to your inner world.  Do this for 5-6 breaths.  Ask yourself ‘what is my mood right now? Am I carrying a negative emotion or feeling?  Is there a belief running in me right now that’s taking me away from my highest self?’

Let the answers bubble up and don’t get too into the story or feeling of them, just witness them.  Say to yourself ‘I accept these feelings and thoughts as part of my human experience, and now am ready to disconnect from them and turn them back to the source of where they came.  I give these back to consciousness, to love.  I am in fact free.  Even though I am currently in this human form, my true nature is pure spirit and I am free. I forgive myself and I forgive any others who I may have allowed to influence how I’ve been feeling, and move towards peace.’

Keep sitting and breathing gently.  Take a quick breath in and powerfully let it out, releasing tension and negativity.  How do you feel?  If more thoughts arise then more meditation is necessary, keep clearing and disconnecting from the power of the thoughts and giving them back to consciousness with love.  Eventually there will be a space of peace, of silence, of connection.  This is the real you, the free you.  From here anything is possible. 


Of course the trickiest part of a bhava is actually holding it.  There lies a great spiritual practice, to hold the feeling.  Don’t lose heart if some event knocks the good feeling away.  It’s the motivation and discipline to come back to peace as soon as possible that is the key here.  No matter what happens, I promise you, there is a wondrous place of freedom within us and it’s only an attitude change away.  I’d love to hear how you went and what came up for you in that short meditation inquiry.  Please comment below and if you would love to hear more of my musings and experience on all things spiritual and freedom and love, subscribe to my newsletter. 

Here’s to freedom honey! x