The Truth Shall Set You Free

What does this mean for you?  The truth shall set you free. Some cute quote out of the Bible meaning the Bible will set you free?  Meaning belonging to a group or community or maintaining a certain viewpoint will set you free?
It’s none of the above.  It’s one of the most mystical laws that is of course, only for the brave and not the faint hearted.  It is a fundamental step on the path to healing which mind you, I want to quickly stress that healing is not a perfect body and free of any issues.  That’s a lay man's perspective from lack of soul experience and understanding.  But that’s a whole other post! So what is the truth?
It’s the deepest inner understanding and confession. 
The truth is being able to see who YOU are in a situation, without deflecting it, defending it, blaming another or justifying.  It’s being able to say:

  • I can see that my desire to be liked made me put that person down so I felt the better person.

  • I have a tendency in me to be controlling and it stems from deep insecurity.

  • I carry a lot of fear about the people around me because I am fundamentally needy and don’t like change so will do anything to keep them where I want them to be.

  • Even though they really did nothing wrong, I have still decided to write them off as a friend because it would be admitting I was wrong.

  • I don’t like being criticized so I turn the spotlight on someone else so no one can ever see my faults and flaws.

  • I don’t want to admit that my situation reflects something deep inside of me because I don’t want to feel the humiliation or the rawness that comes with such a deep confession and especially don’t want them to think they are not to blame.

  • I held that mood longer than I needed to and I couldn’t really find a reason why, I just wanted that person to pay and give me the attention I wanted so I could feel vilified and then move off it.

  • I can’t move forward and heal my life because there’s been hurt and people have been hurt and I identify with and choose other victims who ‘appear’ strong because essentially I have a victim archetype and it feels more comfortable playing the victim then hanging around with people who wont let that archetype run.

  • I’m a fraud.  An imposter.  That is not me but I’ve done it now so can’t undo what I started, I’ll ride this out and keep up the delusion. 

  • My child was right and I couldn’t handle the truth from them so I shut them down.

  • I control my surrounding so tightly and portray this happy character when really I’m crying inside and no one is allowed to see that.

  • I’m actually a spoilt brat who has huge tantrums whether overtly or covertly because I have to win.

  • I used a superior attitude just then to cover the fact I didn’t know how to deal with that situation with heart.

  • It scares me to be alone so I’ll create drama to keep attention coming.

  • I stay overly nice and give up my power so people won't see that inside I’m a seething mass of jealousy, resentment and anger.

  • I give up my power to others and then blame them when they don’t use it properly and forget to see how entangled I am and how needy I have been and not responsible for my life.

  • I don’t move forward because I don’t think I have what it takes to do the journey so I pull others down who step up and out of their comfort zone and do something wonderful with their life.

  • I think I’m special and entitled so only mix with people behaving a certain way towards me and have no time for people who don’t behave that way.

  • I pull out my story to get people off my back and justify why I’ve been useless.

  • I did the wrong thing before because I honestly believe that no one else but me is capable and take on all the responsibility but really I’m buying the rights and freedom of others because I love control and taking my pain out on another relieves me.

Getting it? I could go on and on and on…Some are more full on than others. The more full on ones, we need help seeing.Start digesting the feedback others are trying hard to give you but you usually can’t hear or won't hear.
Can you fess up? Admit it, out loud, that yes you have been doing and behaving in a way that has not helped you heal, not helped others heal and you keep it so tucked away that the light of truth can’t come anywhere near it. And yet here is a major turning point opportunity in the evolution of your soul and the expansion of your life.
Nobody is off the hook here; we all do it. We all operate in ways at times where we know deep down we are running a number, a tendency. We know we are coming from insecurity, shame, guilt, fear and what have you. These things keep us down, keep us stressed, in a loop, confused, hanging out with enablers, keep us sick, keep others sick, keep us in situations where we can be a victim or a martyr or both. It’s a way we try to keep superior or helpless yet inevitably lonely and we all to some degree do it. If there’s an area of your life not working for you, or for those around you, trust me, there’s something to get really down and honest about.
Try it. Keep it between you and God if you have to. Go in and dig up your personal dirt and agendas. Offer them to God, apologise and send forgiveness to those who have been impacted by our secrets. If you really want to free your life, actually tell that person. Give them the chance to feel deep honesty, confession, forgiveness and healing, set them free too. Do you see how this is the ultimate win-win?
Spend some time, outside in nature if possible or in a sacred space and just be with yourself. Tell yourself it’s time to admit a few things that may be getting in the way. Ask the universe for help if you are stuck. Going in can be painful and most of us have put our secrets and tendencies deep into our being, you can see how that’s been a way to disrupt what it is we really want.It’s time to bring it to the surface and tell the clouds, the trees, the birds, yourself what you have been trying to hide.Forgive yourself and others and sit for a while in that beautiful space of tenderness and connection.
If you can, let another know, share it.That way it starts to lose its grip on you. Feel free to comment below and share it with me. I’ll do a healing prayer for you and also help let it go to the universe back to love. Anything to help you. If you think this may help a friend, please forward it to them.
With great love x