The Reality of Love and Supporting Others

The Reality of Love and Supporting Others.png

Know someone who’s going through a rough time lately? Maybe has been diagnosed with something nasty and facing intense feelings?

Your reaction to it comes from your belief systems and ability to hold a space of non-judgments. Your reaction and what you say creates a ripple effect of energy. It can have a significant impact on the person going through something most can’t truly understand. 

Consider this: 

New Age: You have this because you had the wrong vibration.

Vedanta: All disease and bad situations begin in the mind. You have an impurity of thought. 

Religion: We all carry and pay for our sins. Pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy, and you may have hope. 

God: You are perfect. Nothing is wrong. 

You see, that is what love is, perfect. Forgiving. Understanding. 

The rest is sadly, mans limited understanding from limited thought constructs. 

Only listen to those who have made it. A channel is not someone who’s made it. And the teaching isn’t supreme intelligence. 

Go to love. Love is the stuff of the universe. You have more in you than any channel if you sit in an open heart. Believe me! Much smarter and more useful. 

If someone is going through awful things, simply love. You don’t know their soul’s journey; often they don’t either. You don’t know if they are meant to stay or meant to leave this mortal coil. Everyone’s journey is their own; it’s only karma. 

There’s never any judgement or demons, persecution or bloody wrong vibrations. 

Yes, it’s a vibrational universe, the vibration is love. Love heals. Love soothes. Love is compassionate. 

Yes, shit happens. It’s part of the journey. Part of being human. Part of the divine play. 

Don’t add extra labels and conditions. 

Be there. Be present for that person. Silence is better than some annoying belief system. Hold their hand. Make them laugh. Do their washing if that’s needed. Be the best part of being a human. 

If in time they heal or things improve, then ask them what the truth is for them. What have they got from this? What did they learn? How can they help others get through the same situation? 

Then remind them when people are in the midst of struggle or pain or trauma, to love and keep the judgement beliefs at bay. 

Here is why I love karma so much. It’s clean, it’s clear, it cuts through the crap. It leaves things as they are and helps us grow because we have to accept life with an open heart. 

It also doesn’t fit our tidy society. It doesn’t care for our rules. It rips through dogmatic and dumb beliefs which leave people wanting answers, but they can’t admit it. It is there ultimately to steer us home. To peace. Liberation. 

Some of us like to get our intellect, our rational mind and our politically correct viewpoints to slam what merely is karma. No match. 

One of the things I drive home in my Dharma Karma 5 Day Experience is never, EVER judge what someone is going through. Ever. You don’t understand and don’t have their unique circumstances and challenges and soul calling. 

Be kind. Don’t try to understand or solve. Just be there. 

There will never be a time, in this universe, where the very nature of consciousness, the exquisite and sublime way it mystically moves, will change to suit our limited understanding. Karma is here to stay. So get savvy with it. 

Sally Thurley