The Fire of Spiritual Transformation

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Three years ago, I came out of an ashram. I was a householder member who’d dedicated the last 20 years of her life to the fire of spiritual transformation there. Don’t let anyone tell you spirituality is easy. It sounds easy. The way dictated is easy, but doing it is something else. 

I come from a grace tradition, working with the Shakti or divine feminine spiritual energy that creates the universe. We did seva there, voluntary work. We studied, we chanted, we meditated and held intensives - we were put directly into the middle of a fire energetically and burned. A lot. 

During this time, I also found time to have my babies and launch my entrepreneurial ventures. It was a unique time, a life experiment. 

There came a moment when doing all this, that I realised I got what I came for all those years ago. That’s the great thing about a grace or Shakti tradition. It becomes you if you stay the course. Merging it with daily life, now there’s a whole new topic, an entire new sadhana or spiritual road. 

When the universe said ‘enough!’ and sent me out into the world there was one thing I was very confident of- how unique my story and experience is, and how rock solid my relationship with God, the Self. 

I’d been around long enough and through enough of life’s dramas that I also knew what really matters with spirituality, what we all essentially need. That’s why I wrote my book the She-Monk (link:, Our Daily Lives is the New Spirituality. 

Last year I knew something was missing. Running an incredible number of workshops, Meetup groups and networking, I wasn’t fulfilled by the end. What matters most to me is taking people into this world of wisdom, love, service, meditation, dharma and my technologies downloaded from my experience. 

I launched the 12-month Immersion Program called Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship and Inner Peace. It has turned out to be such incredibly rewarding work. The group of delicious ladies I work with I love dearly, and I count my blessings to have been gifted, such open-minded soulful ladies. 

Now it is June, we have significant momentum, and it’s time to continue what lights and delights me. We will have a July intake!!!!! 

I’ve found a way to do it in six months for all those 12-month phobes ;-) it will be dynamic, enlightening, rewarding, FABULOUS. 

I’ve taken the richness and feedback of the dharma work from it and going to re-run my dharma karma experience starting on June 18th. If you missed if the first time, I highly recommend signing up because honestly, it has all you need in it. Everything you want to contemplate, own, surrender. 

If you loved it the first time and wanted to do it again, then simple! Jump back on board. 

Join here: Dharma Karma Experience (link:

And if you know it is your time to become a She-Monk, to be love on legs and the peace and love of a monk in the world, then I’m ready to hear from you! Contact me here: Let's connect. (link:

How bloody excited am I??? Big smiles. 

I have this divine report too from Helen in my 12-month EEIP group, have a listen, she has a magnificent heart, and it’s been a total joy working with her. (How beautiful is her voice???) (link:

Sally Thurley