The Big Breakthrough

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I did say we don't go through life-changing experiences for nothing.

Today I had the biggest chunk download of my big breakthrough. It’s been coming in gentle regular spurts.

Interesting how I ended up wiped out after a day of being poked and prodded by specialists and had absolutely no RAM whatsoever left to share with you yesterday, my usual posting day. In fact, I totally forgot! That’s how tired I was. Sharing my letters with you is my very favourite thing of all. In fact, so much so, that I’m bringing writing more into my work with you. But don’t let my hyperactive creative brain sidetrack us now.

This is top of the line good s***.

This is a serious admission.

Let me get into it.

Ever since holding my India retreat this February, something has never been the same. I had an astounding experience there that I acknowledge was from stepping up as a spiritual teacher living the dharma. It was a whole new level of energy with a massive ripple effect into my life.

As lovely as that was and as beautiful the peace and serenity of the following months was, something now for me was out of alignment, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew it wasn’t massive, just a tweak needed, but what the hell could that be?

I had an intuition that I was healing on a new level too. Stuff from lifetimes ago, from this life, things I didn’t really have to know about as the energy was doing it all for me; but I did have to stay still and rest a lot. That to me is frustrating. I love doing what I like when I like.

I love what I do and offer people, but my mojo was waning. Sometimes I’d sit back and think it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start again. When I did, the same offers and services were there, with as much love and passion as ever. What gives?

Then the big mofo curve ball and suddenly I’m in having surgery and dealing with the enormity of how the hell I was going to manage everything. The only way was to totally surrender and take the time needed but be in contact with you.

As you know, I also discovered my brand had been significantly ripped off, twice. That was the start of entertaining the idea back to what makes me different and how can I bring more of that into my brand?

Little bits and pieces floated to the surface. I opened up a word doc and started saving them as they came and followed the footsteps of consciousness.

That issue with the brands helped unlock the whole thing.

I finally saw really clearly what others had been telling me but wasn’t sinking in, I didn’t get.

I had been playing MASSIVELY small.

I was playing around in my comfort zone of identity and avoiding what I really wanted because it was bloody scary.

I was unconsciously caught in a cycle of justifying myself because I wasn’t BEING something I’m called to be, not entirely anyway. I was trying to play it safe in a business model, being businessy, enjoying like heck mind you, my spiritual entrepreneurial business.

But. That. Isn’t. Me.

I’m a 100% spiritual teacher.

Like a spiritual teacher on steroids. I had a lot to consider to really own that. Things like how people think of gurus, how the general public doesn’t actually want the real stuff, they want the fun play woo-woo stuff, how there’s so much complexity around my old spiritual community; the list was so huge, I decided to push it aside and find a way to dance around it.

Not anymore.

I have to own this and all the stuff that comes with it.

So today, I’m happy to announce I am turning my dharma work with people into a bonafide yoga. My own yoga. A yoga for living in the world. Putting a stamp on and bringing to life in a big way my own movement.

I’m putting ALL my emphasis on the subtle, on the spiritual and what I KNOW and EXPERIENCE is the path to union with the divine. Totally back to the Lakshmi in me and helping people with a calling to do something in the world - the next teachers, visionaries, healers.

From now on I am working with the energy of the ‘creative pulsation of Shiva that exults in glory all over the world’ Jaideva Singh. Shiva is the name of God Consciousness.

My yoga, name revealed soon, has seven principles. Oh and when I say God, please just transpose your word there like Self, divine, spirit, source, Shiva, whatever…

1. Move attention to the subtle, to God.
2. Stillness, be with the Self always.
3. Open mind – thoughts fixed on the Self.
4. Open heart – worship the Self.
5. Open Naval – surrender to Divine will.
6. Follow the Dharma – accept and do what you were put here to be.
7. Unite with God and be free.

Will my services change? No. They’re brilliant. I love them. It was me that needed the upgrade. Everything I do in my work with you already will give you these seven principles and bring much grace, wisdom and love in your life. It has, however, gone from cute to holy f****** dynamic.

The ‘yoga’ or spiritual way to union with the Divine, is in the practices of each of these principles. It would take years, literally, for me to give them all to you. Through this approach, it can happen efficiently.

I still want everyone to know their soul’s calling and be love on legs in the world, but I also want them to be up to the totality that is spiritual living, the whole, not the parts that the majority of people do.

The very first step?

Join me for six months immersion into working with the grace, through Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship and Inner Peace – which really means Freedom, Dharma and Total Happiness. Always.

Doors closing in FIVE DAYS!

Are you in?

Gotta chat with me, let’s do it. X

Jump on a call

Thank you for listening! :-)

Sally Thurley