The Beauty of Spiritual Transformation

Most of us are familiar with personal development. I would guess that most of the people I know and work with and hang out with have a thing for transformation.  We get to a point in our lives where we ‘wake up’, we know that something must change in order for us not to be in this place ever again and it’s going to require some kind of discomfort to get there as we evolve and change. At that waking point, we don’t care; we will do whatever it takes.


There are many tools, teachers, mentors and books on personal transformation and most of the teachings and methods actually come from old spiritual traditions.  Personal transformation is one of the side effects of committing to spiritual practice. There is also spiritual transformation, which you may think is the same, but it isn’t.  In fact, my biggest quest for many years was what is the merging point of spiritual practice and personal development in the world?  How do we go about it while living our lives and retain our softness and grace without having to become too goal oriented and using personal will?  

I’ll never forget the night, at a Q & A with my teacher one evening, someone asked the question, ‘what is the difference transcendence and transformation? I write about this in my book.  It was one of my biggest a-ha moments and something I retreat to often if ever I’m stuck or funky. 

He replied that from a spiritual perspective, after transcendence where we realise our natural state in our inner world, we then turn to transformation.  This is where we take that natural state back to the outer world and see everything in it as that, as love, God. It’s so simple and also spectacular.  I love things that contain everything within them – the work to be done and the outcome.  

Do I see this as a divine play?
Am I viewing everything with equanimity?
Do I see the universe everywhere I look?
Am I allowing everything to be as it is, which is perfect?
Are my thoughts, my perspective coming from my nature free state?
Am I embodying love?
Do I see everything as being a part of me, of my awareness?
Am I expressing my love of the divine in all my words and actions?

Ask yourself these things right now.  If you aren’t doing some of the above, then contemplate why not? What do you need to do? How can you take that meditation experience, that bliss from being loving and devotional and have it be your experience of the world around you? Therein lies the work.  The more skilled at transcendental practices, the greater the advantage you have for grace to spill over into your daily life.  The greater the chances of you feeling nothing but love, awe, wonder at everything around you, authentically, not because it’s seen as the right thing to do. 

If you do get that experience of seeing and experiencing everything around you as love, then the next step in your transformational journey is to hold it.  It wants to be permanent.  Know that it can be.  Relish the feeling of enlightenment. A great way is to live coming from the heart – forgive, let go, embrace all, see no differences, don’t judge and have faith that everything is a divine manifestation.  It is.  

Keep up your meditation practice! Watch the movements of spiritual energy, be on the lookout for anything that has caused a block or some pain and be diligent to correct it.  The best tool I know that anyone can use is Self-Inquiry.  Of course, if you need help, let’s have a session together.