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The Beauty of Spiritual Transformation

Most of us are familiar with personal development. I would guess that most of the people I know and work with and hang out with have a thing for transformation.  We get to a point in our lives where we ‘wake up’, we know that something must change in order for us not to be in this place ever again and it’s going to require some kind of discomfort to get there as we evolve and change.

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Business Intuition Formula

As spiritual beings living out our life business purpose and karmas, it’s important to remember we can and need to do things differently.  As we use our spiritual practice and business venture to reach the same outcome – healing, peace, going home, we remember the golden rule – spirit first, world second.  

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What is Man's Quest for the Summit of Everest?

On the weekend my partner wanted to take me to see the movie Everest.  It was his turn to choose a movie.  Every part of my being knew I didn’t want to see it, especially while recovering from severe adrenal fatigue; it was a no brainer that there was going to be lots of stress and intense emotions that may not help my situation. 

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