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India and The New Spirituality

Driving along the highway to Agra right now, with time to think about the year, what I do, what is going on here in India and the all the conversations I’ve had…. what the strongest theme is the emergence of a new and ‘merged’ spirituality. 

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We don't have to renounce life to be free

No matter what spiritual background we come from, there comes the point where all that matters is that once we discover our spiritual nature, we find a way to become seriously anchored in it - realise our Self in presence, and take that vision, that attitude to the world.

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Grappling with our human experience, and having the odd God

This week I was hit with a quadruple mega triple whammy.  I know that doesn’t make sense, sounds more like an exotic ice-cream, only missing the sprinkles.  I wish I had sprinkles!  On top of my existing current human existence karmic load – recovering from Adrenal issues and all the side effects, God decided to deliver the worst hey fever season on record.

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