Radical Freedom

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I remember the day I was sitting in a café at the beginning of starting this new direction. I was so excited to be allowing the immense creativity to flow through for a new venture, to take all I had learned to the world and help others. My friend sitting with me asked what the two most important things I value, have learned and want to build this business on were. Such a great thought. I blurted out, Sahaja Samadhi and Siddha Swatantrya Bhava.

Meaning, the freedom, radical great enlightened freedom is you in your natural state. You as you. Not some imposter way of behaving, a mask, thinking that someone who acts calm and gentle is calm and sweet when they’re not in private. It is, you as you are, warts and all, totally free. Grumpy, happy, moody, driven. All of it.

Then, a person who has realised the Self is always in the mood of supreme freedom. The awareness of their state brings freedom. This was the birth of what would become the She-Monk. How to help people get past all the crap and shoot for freedom. Freedom DOES NOT come from money, success or fame. It is an internal attainment. It is in fact, natural. We are free; we don’t know it.

We get bogged down in the world, chasing things we think we want that we don’t, looking for the answer in our relationship, our jobs, our interests and passions. This puts so much pressure on them. They are all temporary too.

At the time in birthing all of this, I laughed and thought, we can all be Dalai Lamas. It is possible, and we can also keep our lives in the world. We have to make them sacred and be responsible for our inner peace. Every part of our life too – home, relationships, work, Self.

There is a simple and dynamic way.

I did it.

There was a time when the world could still get on top of me. When I’d be prone to stressing over outcomes, hanging around with partners that were oh so not right for me and doing what I thought I loved and was passionate about because it was still considered normal and accepted by others yet it was a compromise.

That is not happiness.

Playing within the lines is for the neurotic. The scared. The perfectionists who block their perfection.

Perfection is freedom.

Perfection is loving everything as an expression of love itself.

Perfection is having peace as your meter. One end can be ecstasy and passion and the other stress and depression. Both extremes will exhaust you eventually and lead to a crash.

Do you know your magic formula for peace in all situations?
Do you know what it is your soul most wants and how to use it to guide you to freedom every day?

Do you know how to make the right decision to take you in the best direction for the expansion of you?

This is the crux of the work.

Knowing who you are, starting there, then learning how to deal with it and then move to freedom.

We all want freedom.

I classify an entrepreneur as someone who would rather die than not work towards freedom. That’s it. They can’t be boxed in and are uncomfortable with the norm, yet still get trapped in the norm until they take bold moves, aligned moves, to get there.

Peace, happiness, surrender, determination, merging with the cosmos.

You can have it. You need direction.

Keep your life, bring wisdom, love and dharma to it.


Speak to me and join me on my upcoming six months EEIP immersion.

A small group, working together, some 1:1 time too.

I’m slowly turning a corner and looking forward to getting back on the freedom train with you.  Will give you an update on recovery soon.  :-)

Remember, no matter what happens in our lives, we can hold love, equanimity, peace. It is possible.

Sound insanely fabulous?

It is.

Chat soon. Jump on a call x

Sally Thurley