India and The New Spirituality

Driving along the highway to Agra right now, with time to think about the year, what I do, what is going on here in India and the all the conversations I’ve had…. what the strongest theme is the emergence of a new and ‘merged’ spirituality.  My entire book ended up being out this, what started to come through me and I’m fascinated with what’s happening.  For years at the ashram with the amazing international great yogis and teachers I met, there were many discussions with the old yogi’s who first brought the teachings back from their experience in the 60’s and 70’s, about where all this is heading. 


 Is yoga dead etc.? How will it get through the merging of east and west?  I can see how they were still falling into a blindness that has been part of spirituality for too long now. They were arguing pretty dumb arguments.  Some holding with fear onto a conservative approach which isn’t orthodox, to begin with, and others happy to pick the eyes balls out and throw the rest away. Some were great scholars; sometimes I believe that doesn’t help. We will only get this by detaching from everything and allowing the changes to come with a broad mind and open heart.  That’s it.  

Spirituality itself, the Goddess herself which you may relate to best as Grace, is creating it from the inside out.  

Spirituality is purifying, transforming by its own evolution and man’s thoughts and dogmas, Shastra’s and scriptures, restrictions, and bullshit are being told to smarten up.   When I speak to the millennials of India, they are clearly over it.  They are sick of the corruption, the dodgy gurus, the mixed up all over the place teachings, the debating, the who is right and who is wrong, the control, the patriarchal system, the diets that make no difference an especially their rigid class system.  They are fed up.  They want universality.  I’d say, they want Sanatana Dharma back, the original faith, before all this man-made mess.  And it is a mess.  First hand I know what they are talking about.  

Interestingly, however, they’re not grasping at the new age like we have, not shunning and damming their ancient faith as we have, they are simply asking lots of questions and trying to find where the truth is.  I love this, and it’s been really refreshing.  It’s clearer to me more now than ever that the beauty and power are still in the original faith, that’s where all the juice is.  But what had happened to it is now ready to be cleaned and recalibrated.  Like putting tarnished silver into a chemical compound and all the crap is taken away and our silver is sparkling again.  

I firmly believe that if the main faiths clean up their act and stop with the garbage and the people who are actually awake within them show some leadership and universality, then that’s when we are entering strongly into this new age.  That is what is the new age, not the queasy crap we have been left with for the last few decades.  I am ok saying that because I was a big part of it, I needed it while finding my own way.  It never, however, gave me what I needed because it can’t.  The new age pulls the original bits out and renames then and packages it up and takes it back out.  At least we get bits of it, but we need the whole.  There is more than mindset people! More than chakras, vibrational therapy, affirmations. 

This new spirituality isn’t a head trip.  We have moved away from the rubbish of organized faith for a good reason, but the way is in the middle.   It isn’t science either. It’s in fact, easier than ever before.  In a nutshell, it’s not more bullshit.  No more head tripping.  No more dogma and silly rules that are no longer relevant to where society is at today.  No more tricks, no more misuse of power.  No more blind faith and using scriptures as a crutch and seriously, no more transferring that power to places like science - the new religion as I say in my book the She-Monk.  We can’t help ourselves.  Whatever we cherish and believe, we turn into a monster.  We love to blame religion, but we do it to everything.  I’m a coach, and I’m seeing the world of coaching going that way too! We need to start using wisdom and trusting the experience of our hearts more. 

Yesterday I had a very subtle yet lovingly powerful experience at a temple in Delhi.  It was surprising and a relief.  I have loved being in Delhi finally, but while India alone gives you the grace you want when you get here, there were no hot spots of it in the city.  Until I went to this lovely Hindu temple, without the grandeur of the ancient mosques and monoliths that dominate the city.  I see now I got a download.  We were there literally only about 15 minutes as it wasn’t on the itinerary and there was no parking, so the driver had to go around the block and meet us again. 

As soon as I got to the front steps, I felt that the ancientness is still very much alive.  That the palpable grace was speaking, was active.  I felt home like my spiritual DNA felt home.  I paused, touched my heart, closed my eyes and breathed.  There were the dressed-up statues in there and all the pretty things, but at that moment it wasn’t about them.  It was about what they represent and how we greeted each other.  It was about love.  

The ceremonies and acts of devotion build love.  The smells and colors and music enrich the soul, they create an experience to help us use that experience to go deeper.  What recognizes the beauty, the smells, the mantras and the music? Who is experiencing it, who was creating it?  I felt the absence of anything to do with dual or non-dual, I felt it all merge together.  I felt the importance of things that give us a pure heart, that help us with our daily fears and battles.  I felt faith for what it is, and I felt a simpleness and truth in it and the vibration that was present.  

In there, was both God talking to me as Radha and Krishna, Shiva and Parvati. There was the understanding of what gives them form and energy that can communicate through the ethers, though the energy body and even directly to my higher mind.  I felt love, comradeship, encouragement.  Everything I’ve ever experienced and learned and attained was all there at that moment, and it was simply, simple.  No fluff, no bells, and whistles, just a total coming together of everything.  

Love, tolerance, compassion, dedication, ceremony, wisdom…. there is nothing new here. Only the application needs to be recommunicated. The eternal is smashing through even if we can’t all get it yet. 

India is going through a massive boom.  The country is changing fast.  I’m so glad I’ve been able to experience the old and the new which is still operating in harmony here.  They have the oldest lasting faith on earth.  It will be interesting to see how they adapt to the huge westernization going on.  Their spirituality is what makes them so unique.  Consciousness is flowing and speaking loudly here, what will this new generation do with it?

Isn’t the unfolding of grace so beautiful?  We are not in control; we are best to be still, to observe and go with it, as always with love and acceptance.  I'm glad to be on this new spirituality wave, with no idea where it's going.  For this trip, it's taken my mind off 'work' and my daily life. All that matters is my daughter has a memorable adventure and finds her own connection to her spirituality here and that I continue to nourish my spiritual heart with all Mother India has to offer.