How Can The Changing Signs Of The Planets Impact You?

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As with our spiritual personalities, we also have spiritual roles or soul roles. You can’t help but have one, a dominant one and yet as you evolve and expand into your being, you become all three. I have a new quiz coming soon to help you identify which one you are.

Last night I took members of my spiritual group, the Self-Knowledge Sanga to a new temple find only thirty minutes up the road. It was my favourite temple evening yet as the feel and energy were so universal, open, kind. The priest talked to us for ages; they gave us bags of fruit and lentil doughnuts and a meal at the end. We were all given an opportunity to wave the lights which never happens; it was such a buzz. I’ve found a new local ;-)

On the way home in the car, a group of us were talking about what we are doing, how we have been integrating all the incredible downloads from the India retreat in February and how it is impacting our work. Eventually, the conversation got onto astrology. A few of us love and have spent time learning and investigating this fascinating science.

Nothing that happens to us isn’t represented in our chart. How amazing is that? For me, I tend to use it whenever I go through something and want to understand it better; I always resort to my chart. ‘Ahh, that’s right, that makes sense’. Mostly I love it because I have a scientific brain that needs satisfying and the bonus here is the mystic in me gets satisfied too.

After a comment my friend made about current big transits, namely a biggie this week with Uranus changing signs into Taurus, I decided to see what was going on for me this morning. By the way, Uranus changing is a big deal and hasn’t been in Taurus for something like 80 years; it will be impacting you significantly. Check out in what way if you can.

While it was in Aries starting 2010, we were all encouraged to step up and start to do things for ourselves. To become original and creative and the drivers of our destiny. Taurus is quite a different energy. It is stable, reliable, consistent, comfortable. How you see stability is up for change, this can mean money too. Taurus is also about the earth, how we treat mother earth and our relationship to her.

In our birth chart, we have before us our dharma. We know we are on the right track. It even tells us where we are going. Of course, it will naturally take us, but our egos don’t help, and we often fight with the energy that is trying to help us go where we need to go, learn what we need to learn.

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Sally Thurley