Grace is Contagious

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Yesterday morning I let myself watch a documentary on YouTube while I had my cup of tea before starting my day. It was glorious. 

I love to feel the satisfaction of a good week which this one has been, and end it as I began it, bringing in what matters. Just like reading the works and lives of the great beings, I adore watching good quality documentaries too. Luckily at the moment, there are so many! 

It was a doco on one of the most exceptional spiritual beings to have lived in the modern era. His name was Ramana Maharshi, and his story is seriously incredible. Ramana’s are very very rare. He spontaneously enlightened from a short session of self-inquiry at the age of 16 then went into a deep Samadhi state for some years after that until he went by himself to a famous mountain in the south of India that he had been in communication with since his earlier childhood. Utterly gorgeous story. He lived there for the rest of his life, and the whole world came to be with him. 

His primary teaching was not to talk at all. He sat in silence. If someone couldn’t get it from being with him, if they weren’t ready yet, then he would answer their questions in a conversation. He was so full of Shakti, of Grace, of consciousness, that all answers could be received if the questioner could sit and be long enough. That is the power of grace. 

Ramana would say that grace is contagious. Sit with anyone who is established in the Self, which is the same Self for all, and you will eventually get the same. That simple. Second, from that, do self-inquiry. Meditate on the ‘I’, the formless real you, the witness until you know who you are. Mediate on ‘Who Am I?’

What are the rest of us doing? What are we here for? What is the reason for our being? What is the goal of life? What are we after? Who are we? What are we focusing on the most?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I’m seeing is, as far as ‘spirituality’ is concerned, we are focusing on desire. On manifesting. Fervently. Fever pitch manifesting. 

We want the money, the job, the lifestyle, the health, the body, the looks, the partner, the recognition, the accolades, the accomplishment. All fine. But not when it’s our spiritual practice!

Did Ramana sit and manifest? No. Why? Because that was not of importance for him. Truth was. What did he do when he went within at a young age? He was curious about death and what really happens. Then he followed grace through self-inquiry, mind you never been taught, to the source of all and his ego died. Instead, he let his mind dissolve into the cosmos and ended up being of service to humanity in the most profound way possible. Not once did he give a s*** or think of what car he had, his bedroom suite, where the money was coming from. 

He had everything and more than he needed. An entire thriving community grew up around him. When you give love, love comes back in many forms. He was unwaveringly centred in the Self, being a contagious magnet of consciousness. That is the key. 

Be in the best company people. As for the living saints, find them and be still with them. Read their words, stare at their pictures, there is divinity there, spiritual energy wanting to reach you and give you an experience of their state. That is one of the soul purposes of me running retreats (link: to Ganeshpuri, India. This exact reason. I take you where the grace is off the meter. 

Be in the company of truth. Satsang. Groups. Friends. Teachers. 

Be kept on the right track. Real. Manifest your head off because let’s face it, it’s fun. But don’t for a moment think that is the way. Go for what you love and do the best you can, but get straight about who is the one doing? 

Look at what your values are. We suffer because we are attached to the world, the body, the five senses. You can still live life and not be at the mercy of it. Aim higher, wider, more expansive. In the scheme of things, all that which comes and goes, which rises and falls, is not what’s so. Not the truth. Not even who you are. At all. What we think of real due to what we can perceive through the senses, is not what those who understand the universe know as real. It is in the way. 

Merge your life with your realisation of consciousness. It is possible. You don’t have to walk off to a mountain like Ramana, you can do it here and now as you are, but you do need to shift your awareness and what is essential. Start manifesting your liberation instead. Once you are free, all around you are free. Use your dharma to free your karma ;-) 

What the hell does that mean? Well come and find out! 

I am about to run my 5 Day Dharma Karma Experience (link: again and am here for you and your questions and to get you looking at things from the perspective of grace. 

It’s free, it’s online, and it’s a serious amount of fun. 

5 Days of truth. No more than 10 minutes of your time a day. Sweet. 

Join HERE (link: 

Look forward to seeing you for the challenge, and I’m ALWAYS here to talk to you, that’s my job. It may be for dharma, for self-inquiry, branding, anything but primarily I am here to be of service, and all you have to do is speak up.

And don’t forget, in my line of work and what I have seen, experienced and dealt with over the years, I can handle your weird ;-) 

See you in the Dharma Karma 5 Day Experience.

Sally Thurley