Ever Had A Head Orgasm?

Ever Had A Head Orgasm_.png

Do you know what I mean?

When you come across something so fantastic, so full of truth, so elegant and sublime that you are beyond satisfied on every level and realise your mind or brain is so enlarged it could burst and erupt in fireworks and streamers?

That’s me right now.

Today is a sabbatical day, which is often on a Sunday, especially in winter.

This week I’ve turned a corner with my healing. I’ve downloaded and been given an entire yoga, restructured entirely what I’m doing and where I’m going and still getting visions and systems coming through. At one point it did totally scramble my brain for a whole day. I had to watch tele instead to give it a rest!

This afternoon I set up the meditation room and sat to meditate for as long as I liked. Eventually, the beautiful teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava (don’t worry, the opportunity to learn it is coming!) started coming into my awareness, so I went and grabbed the book and began to read.

You now know the rest.

Total bliss.

Ahh, the twists and turns!

During my meditation, I also got, thanks to the excellent support and chats I’ve had this week with mentors and friends, an upgrade to how I’m offering some of my services. So I’m upgrading them! The timing is a little let’s say fascinating, but so is having emergency surgery right in the middle of a launch. Shit happens, and always for a reason.

Take note, once you start working with energy and honouring the consciousness that flows through us, the more critical our attention to it becomes. If we are even a few degrees off course, the cosmic feedback will be exaggerated. It’s like the energy becomes the dharma itself. Step out of line and ‘zap!’.

As my great BFF explained last night, moving back on course is like turning something the size of the Titanic around, it’s not that fast, but it’s consistent and gradual. So working way at it one step at a time.

Firstly you will be delighted to hear that my method of opening to downloads and writing from that space I’m about to turn into a 5-day course, for free. It’s too much fun, I can’t sit here having all the fun, it has to be shared. I’d rather party with you guys in this space and have an even better time. More of that coming next week, aiming to start the beginning of August.

Secondly, and here’s the BIG one. The impressive and incredible beings in my 12-month immersion program have also had some significant radical shifts lately. They are the most loving, kind, incredible group. I’m seeing the benefits of the gentle and gradual guidance the 12-month timing offers. They are embracing more and more the spiritual work and getting the grace as a result. The ones getting the juice are the ones doing the work and pulling the course towards them.

You see the thing is, grace is what creates transformation in this arena. No matter what worldly paths we take on, they only take us half of the way, and that’s if they’re good ones. The rest is up to the divine. Period. So when we start to call upon the divine and work with grace…damn! It’s hot stuff.

Why would we want to focus on mundane things to transform anyway? When we all have the opportunity to self-realise? Contemplate that. Why would you do the work? What is it you really want? The unreal or the real? The world or your cosmic nature?

It’s a no bloody brainer.

Considering when you take the cosmic route, it transforms everything in the mundane one. NOT the other way around.

So, in order to keep developing it and exploring it, I’m keeping the 12-month program and bringing more to it to start again at the end of the year. It will be a sacred and unique group that will do the work. Since I’m now developing and executing a proper and formal philosophical training centre and yoga, I’m focused on helping people heal, transcend and transform and become legitimate leaders in their own right and this is the start.

Which means what about the six months one? Well, great question, thank you for asking!

It is now going to be a membership program! Hooray! Month by month with a minimum of three months and yes, crazy as it sounds, I am still starting that this Tuesday.

What’s different?

A lot. Still fabulous value and high touch points with me, still loads of grace but less intensity and without the self-inquiry training and the introduction to Kashmir Shaivism (which is actually the best thing on the planet)


It has EVERYTHING else.

Fortnightly group calls with mentoring and yes, I’ll always use self-inquiry where needed.
All my spanda work and methods
Wisdom Teachings
Rituals! A-ha, that’s right!
Energy work.
Channelled support.
Dharma help.
Email support.
Working with the 7 foundation yoga principles, I mentioned last time.
Monthly topics on really good, meaty, enlightening spirituality, no fluff..at all!
Access to everything I create during the time you are in the membership group.

Basically, I’ll be holding the Soul Zone.

Hee hee, that’s good. (Honestly, you have to get into this conscious channelling writing thing.)

For now, I’m calling it the She-Monk Master Group. Feel free to offer a name.

AUD 500 a month, minimum of 3 months. Fabulous! Solves so many issues and gives an ongoing way to see what it’s like working with me and doing sadhana – spiritual work.

You know the drill, want in? Let’s chat. Xxx

P.S. I have to chat, I’m super fussy who I work with. Not everyone is ready, and I only want those who are ‘hot and heavy’ to do it because I know they will have what it takes to deal with what comes up on the way and will use it to transform their environment.)

Oh, and for now, I’ll throw in my upcoming Vijnana Bhairva course! :-D It’s the MOST mystical and esoteric of ALL meditation course as it is also the pathway to enter the universal and transcendental state of consciousness and gives the best explanation of the true nature of this consciousness, of reality. Omg, careful, I’ll end up having another crown chakra orgasm….
You know the drill, want in? Let’s chat Here’s the link >>> Jump on a call

Much love,

Sally Thurley