Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship and Inner Peace

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Enlightenment, Entrepreneurship and Inner Peace is a healing journey.

Expected the unexpected.

Grace will begin to move towards you.

Entrepreneurship is merely a vehicle for dharma. Doing what you are so phenomenally gifted to do and create a way to make it self-sustaining.

Enlightenment is where the healing comes in. All journeys of truth are healing journeys.

I remember hearing Deepak Chopra once say that the path of healing is the path of enlightenment. I could write a book on that and what it covers. Maybe I will I kind of already have!

Healing also happens when we start doing what we were put here to do, with determination and focus.

This is not a course. It’s a new perspective. These six months are a way to bring in a new understanding of yourself and your relationship with the universe, with love.

Every month is something to take on, to contemplate and bring into your world. If you do it, gently, as it comes with a firm determination to let spirit merge with your life, you will get it. The magic will happen from the practicality of it. For such a mystical lady, you’ll be so impressed with how grounded this is.

What if I’m not an entrepreneur? You are a something; you are doing something, is it the best expression of you? Is it whole? Is it integrated and using your gifts? The ladies in my current program are getting so much from the spiritual work, the enlightened part. They are satisfied, accepting, open, allowing. This is the gold for them.

You can choose your focus. Inevitably with me, I’m a catalyst and will shake where you are up and get your inner compass on the right track. If you allow it. Being realistic here. Some people love acquiring information, but even though they want the manifestation in their outer world, they don’t take the steps necessary.

This week in my Enlightenment for Entrepreneurs group I have been doing live lunchtime readings from the book ‘The Laws of Success’ by Paramahansa Yogananda. I’m sure you know of him, he wrote ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. It’s a famous classic for all on the path. It was the book of choice for Steve Jobs who bought a copy for all his employees at Apple.

He continually talks about will, dynamic will. It is what gets us where we are going. It is what can shape our lives. Dynamic will in Sanskrit is iccha and means the power of creation of the universe. Sensational yes? We all have that. We all can tap into it. We have to if we want success either materially or spiritually. There is a level of grit and determination involved. The key is to focus on the divine. That is how we overcome fear, doubt, guilt, whatever is running.

It can be done. There is a spiritual path to success, and the side effect is freedom. The journey is the best part.

Want to start your journey?

Give me a bit of time to recover from [today](calendar:T5:today)’s surgery then let’s chat!

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Sally Thurley