Current Crystal Craze and the Earth's Healing Energy

This one has been on my mind for a while, it’s an annoying issue but for me has come to the point where eventually I have to let it speak to me and have a little rant.  What keeps coming up is frustration at the mass use of crystals theses days.  So I’m going to share what was going on between spirit and I about it.  I’m an admirer and user of the earth’s magnificent healing energy.

How many crystals have you got?  I’ve certainly hoarded a little collection.  How many do you think we need?  What’s with this current craze of crystals?  Yesterday on Facebook I saw a photo of a proud crystal explorer discovering a cave somewhere exotic and there were these magnificent, enormous citrine points.  For a moment I thought how spectacular until eventually I saw these huge treasures as endangered as Cyril the Lion who was shot recently in Africa.  These crystals will end up in someone’s home, the person who can pay the most, and a great hole will be left.  Think for a moment about the grand plan here with these rocks, think about what supports the earth’s healing energy….


Is it past lives as high priests and priestesses?  Is it because we no longer are in lack or poverty and therefore can have what we like?  Is it because we have experienced the healing effects of them so now have to own a room full.  Is one not enough?  Is one small rock not medicinal enough?  Once the work is done why can’t we hand them on to others in need?  Is it the magpie effect, we are just crazy for shiny lovely objects?  Seriously, what do you think?

Do the woo-woo community see, because let’s face it, it’s beginning to have little to do with spirituality, that we are becoming like Gollum in Lord of the rings with crystals?  There’s a fever going on and it’s woo-woo materialism at it’s finest.  Yes, they heal, they carry energy and help us with our work, but at what cost?  What’s wrong with a small stone adorning a head piece of a belt or even in a brooch as they were once originally worn?  What is this needing caves of crystals about? I get crystal grids, but how many do we think we need and do they have to be the size of pillars?  Are we really in fact just experiencing the placebo effect and pebbles would do the same job?

The cost my friends, is the earth’s core healing energy.  There’s a healing grid inside this planet, that’s powerful, deeply spiritual and deeply healing.  While we’re smashing into caves and the earth and digging up this grid…with the greedy eyes of materialism cloaked behind spirituality, the grid is diminishing.  By all means have the odd piece, I do, I love the pieces I have, but know when enough is enough.  They are treasures.  They can be cleansed and passed on to others too, we don’t need to hoard them. 

There are so many sustainable materials we can use like timber, seeds, feathers, flower essences etc.  We even now have the power to enliven crappy glass which is fully recyclable and other materials.  Tachyon for example is a powerful tool, it has the power of consciousness, it has the highest vibration and can be activated into so many materials.  7 billion people on this planet currently, what if everyone exercised their rights to go for as many chunks of crystals as they can?  In one generation we would have done immeasurable damage to the very mystical healing powers we so cherish about our planet.  We would have permanently altered it’s healing core, it’s ability to sustain, to rejuvenate - us.  I see crystals being sold in cheap chain stores; walls and walls of crappy quality jewellery containing real crystals like they are plastic junk.  It’s become a joke.  Slow down ya’ll!

Well what now I hear you say?   Only get what you need and be open to other options.  Set an intention to get what it is you’re after and work on it -the feeling, the vibration, the meditation, the yoga, the practice that is needed to manifest and transform.  Crystals aren’t actually necessary, we can do it without them by the way; they happen to be just gorgeous, there’s the catch!  I’m ok being a High Priestess too without the old world identification of crystal embedded belts and crowns etc.  The Tachyon ones are actually really nice by the way. ;-)

A small crystal has the vibration and healing energy you personally need, it doesn’t have to be a bookcase size and one is often enough.  Sure we may need more for different purposes. They are not just decoration, not meant to be some trendy minimalist Buddhist interior decorating tool, just to look cool and alternative.   Treat them with the respect they deserve, use them properly and know when to hand them on or give to the next generation who may end up having to go to museums just to be around them.

They can be cleansed, re-channelled and work perfectly forever, to think they can’t is a myth.  When they’re tired it’s because they need to be back in mother earth and rejuvenate, reconnect.  Where they should be all along; as a collective, to keep this planet the extraordinary place that it is.  Put them back?

So when next in a crystal frenzy please think twice.  Just because they are the new black at the moment and they are powerful tools, doesn’t mean we need to have more than we need.  Remember the earth produces many materials of a high vibration that are renewable resources.  Seek them out as alternatives, to add to your collection and broaden the healing energy.  We could also decide perhaps to donate our rock collections to a bigger collective, create a healing space that people can visit, sit in and heal.  Make tonics and remedies from the rocks to help them go further and help more people.

We hold the power to be as powerful as any stone by ourselves anyway, with good spiritual guidance and practice.  We can do it and we don’t need to damage the earth’s healing grid just to be more ‘spiritual’ or ‘mystical’ or even dare I say to heal.  Is it really healing when we have to damage a greater power to save our own skins.  Is that really healing? What a laugh if we, the ones who are meant to care and cherish this earth, who claim to be spiritual or woo-woo (they are not actually mutually inclusive!), are in fact doing more damage because we can’t see that behind it all is a desire to have over and above what the earth can give. 

If you can think of any cool ideas – like my community collective which is pretty cool let’s face it, then let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below.  Thank you, God Bless. x