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Finding Grace in a Rough Patch

A girlfriend of mine asked recently about how to move through tough times with grace when you have an inner knowing that you are working towards something bigger, even though it has not manifested yet. A delicious question on a topic I’m passionate about and as can happen contains all the answers within it. 

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Grappling with our human experience, and having the odd God

This week I was hit with a quadruple mega triple whammy.  I know that doesn’t make sense, sounds more like an exotic ice-cream, only missing the sprinkles.  I wish I had sprinkles!  On top of my existing current human existence karmic load – recovering from Adrenal issues and all the side effects, God decided to deliver the worst hey fever season on record.

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What is Man's Quest for the Summit of Everest?

On the weekend my partner wanted to take me to see the movie Everest.  It was his turn to choose a movie.  Every part of my being knew I didn’t want to see it, especially while recovering from severe adrenal fatigue; it was a no brainer that there was going to be lots of stress and intense emotions that may not help my situation. 

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