Busting the Myths to Being Luminaries

Here's one big, fat, hairy myth getting in the way of your spiritual vision and purpose.  It's the worst of all. 

You’ve most likely heard me rave a little about this before, now it has become so incredibly, glaringly apparent in its insidiousness with spiritual seekers and potential light workers, that I’ve decided to make part of the work I do exposing it for the ridiculousness that it is.


Lately I’ve been working with a lot of really great spiritual teachers, luminaries, healers etc.  It’s been a wonderful experience to transition to working with people who have done the work, oh so much work. People who are really sure of their gift and their vision to help the world which as you know is my prime passion – helping people birth their spiritual calling in the world and help heal ourselves and the world in the process.  Yet in the process, this myth rears its ugly head and can prevent the really beautiful unveiling of who they are.

There is one common belief that I’ve seen stop people dead in their tracks from getting what their heart's desire.  It’s the biggest myth I saw in my spiritual training that lived and thrived and kept people small and even worse, keeps spiritual leaders inauthentic. 

It’s a judgment really, underneath it all.  An insecurity.  It’s even a lack of faith and exposes the level of experience one really has had, the one who can admit it to themselves. 

I’m talking about what I’m going to call the Christ/Buddha myth or sometimes I call it the Promised Land Myth.  Ring any bells?  The image of the golden Buddha sitting on an equally magnificent golden lotus.  Quiet and serene, the picture of perfection that us mere mortals can only hope and dream of.  There’s Christ with his kind loving face and mudra of peace (hand position) bearing all his scars and still so soft and loving and wise, everything we can only hope to dream of being. 

That’s what happens, it stays in our dreams. We compare!  We think there’s a promised land that if we really had attainment we would be perfect, gold, jade, whatever and have no issues with our lives or physical apparatus so unless we fake everything’s alright, we are still the flawed beings we were before.  AGH!

It can make my heart bleed to think that people stop going for what they are here to get, simply because of some really awful belief that only the greatest of the great attain that level of perfection. We’ve been told this from all directions, sometimes too because some teacher doesn’t have the generosity of being to let others know they are already it so they can stay on their special seat of adoration. 

If for a moment, I had the thought that if they can have it then so can I, then my mystical attainment and experiences would not have been what they are.  Truly.  When I had my health crisis, which now was clearly the greatest gift I could have been given, initially with the small mind and judgment from me and those around me, it made me think twice about what I really knew in my heart.  How terrible!  It’s ok, it in fact was the most remarkable act of love and compassion from the universe.  It pushed me literally into what I am doing now.

What’s with our every ready judgment of what someone is going through?  When do we as humans not feel at times hurt in our heart’s or challenged by life’s curve balls? Why do we set up our lives to NOT go through the tough stuff?  Why do we think that the image of perfection takes these away from our experience?  There lies the deception.  We have created and been brought up to believe, that oneness is for the perfected beings, while forgetting that they began as us.  Flesh and blood and bones, strengths and weakness, light and dark. 

It’s humiliating then for someone to have a mistake, a disease, a fault, a moment of lack of clarity which can make the front we put on even stronger.  The mask permanent.  Our defensive system like the highest terrorist warnings, guns armed and ready for anything.  Us in our smallness don’t see the bigger picture. 

Think about it, where does the compassion come from?  The pure heart dedicated to helping others, the insight that healing really isn’t  about fixing the human apparatus (which can happen if it’s meant to) instead it’s deep acceptance of our humanness and soul's evolution, it’s accepting and transcending the mundane, not getting rid of it!

It’s in the forbearance, the humility, the honesty, the knowing that as we are is perfect and as we are we can attain the Self, experience God and be the luminaries that we ALL have the potential of being! It’s a choice actually, a decision, then the wherewithal to be still enough and focused enough to let the universe in.  The universe doesn’t judge and worry, we do.

We all know what it’s like to be around people who can’t or don't want to feel the attainment of others and revel in their divinity because that would need to have been qualified by a reliable source, they need to hear it from someone else, it may hurt their pride to see someone else 'alive'.  So why do we follow suit? It’s another form of lack guys.  There’s enough consciousness to go around and there’s the eternal moment in every split second that can take us to where we want to go, if we just stopped thinking it was unachievable or that we have to be the exact supreme masters that the great avatars like Christ and Buddha were. 

So we fake it.  We dress up in spiritual uniforms, we think veganism is the way (oh I have so been down that road) and we are secretly all competing with each other for a slice of the pie which only the chosen few can get a bite off.  Garbage!  ‘If that person sees I’m faulty, flawed, sick they will not know I have what it takes to help them, their healing’.  Be flawed and be great and let others be flawed and great. The more us we can be in the moment, the greater our presence and energy.

What’s my message here?  Don’t let perfectionism of the highest dis-order stop you being who you are meant to be.  Sick, hurt, worried, unemployed, whatever it is, you are still perfect and there needs NOTHING to change for you to become one with the universe and beam with joy and light. Even depressed, how do you know that’s not a deep mystical process? Go for it, be it, do the practice and have not a modicum of doubt. 

I know that sounds easy, it actually is.  We complicate it, especially when we are so busy hiding from the real truth of how awesome we are.  The deal is to get the mind out of the way and coming from a higher perspective, of universal love. There is enough to support you to make the transition to owning your divinity from the cosmos even if it’s really scary at first because anything once certain – house, money, career may drop away; but freedom is far too delicious to prevent due to issues of needing certainty and to control everything.  Freedom is giving up the reigns of control.

My Mandala process was created out of this initial awareness, that the only thing stopping me getting what I want, union with the divine, was in fact me.  Nothing else.  Nobody else.  I nutted it out, the steps.  That flipping cards, being psychic, bending on yoga mats, wearing orange robes or white clothes had actually nothing to do with it and can even get in the way as they become part of the mask, a crutch.  Put the cards down, give the crystals back to the earth, give up on the postures for a while and please have that piece of chocolate.  Step out, as you are, accept your humanness, don’t expect to wake up a golden statue but do totally expect what is already yours.

Consciousness is moving through you as you….

Ready to own being a luminary? A mystic, a light bearer? Is it time?  Can you own it yet? Are you willing to walk the path and bare your soul? Lets chat. xxx