Business Intuition Formula

As spiritual beings living out our life business purpose and karmas, it’s important to remember we can and need to do things differently.  As we use our spiritual practice and business venture to reach the same outcome – healing, peace, going home, we remember the golden rule – spirit first, world second.  

Spirit is the boss remember? We are already wise to the fact that it’s not us doing, anything.  We know our first job is to keep in the flow, in the Tao, in relationship with Grace.  No matter what it takes.  At times we need a reminder, as I found this week.  I saw my calendar for the next three months and went into a stupor.  It’s busy.  Really busy.  

I thought I was scaling back after the first hectic six months of this year, but things have already started exploding in the directions their going.  So much so that I found I hit overwhelm, I couldn’t even see my way through the woods at that moment.  From years of intention, commitment and making a healthy number of mistakes I know that when we’re open, we know to catch that stress moment and get off it.  We know a solution always comes.  For me it was accompanied by this simple, cute rule:

Grace + Awareness = Cosmic Downloads (i.e. the way out)

Grace – the potent mystical stuff of all there is.  Consciousness itself.  Spirit.  Pure love.  

Awareness – our relationship to it, how we know and recognise who we are which is all of the above.  

Bring them together – Being still! Profoundly still and connected to your witness Self, the I AM part of you.  Open your mind and heart.  Do what it is you do to expand your spiritual energy and awareness.  

Once open, it doesn’t take long.  Lop a question into that space.  If the question hasn’t already presented itself, see how quickly your intuition picks the response up.  

Naturally the longer you’ve been at this kind of thing, the easier it will be.  The only time you question what comes up is if you haven’t learned yet what pure witness state feels like.  If we still have some strong desire from lack of awareness, it will interfere and point us unwittingly in another direction.  

Your homework:

Keep meditating.  Keep seeing what methods work best to get your so present that nothing else is running behind, nothing else matters.  Invite Grace in, open to her; she’s never not there to help.  Even if it’s not as obvious as you would like, the next step will be revealed, and it’s your inner compass pointing to the way out.  The way out of stuck, overwhelm and stress.  

Want to have that experience? To know more? Want to sit with me and experience what this level of connection and witness consciousness is like? Are you ready enough to get it? I’ll sit with you.  Simply email me at and put in the title – LET'S GET PRESENT. 

Much love x