Be On the Edge

Stand on the edge my Darling. 
Stand and breathe. 
Feel the uncertainty. 
There is nothing here. No tomorrow. No noise. No memory, only here. Presence. Now. 
Let the ground crumble away from under you, 
let yourself feel vulnerable, raw, real. The most real you'll ever get. 
Now you are living. 
There's no sun?
You're looking outside. 
Wanting too much for evidence, to validate you, to show success. 
Stay here, on the edge. 
The light is inside. 
It doesn't care what you think you want, where you think you are going. 
Stand on the edge and let it all be. Let there be failure, let there be success. Let it all fall. Let it all grow. 
Let yourself blossom from the inside. 
Laugh and dance at the uncertainty of it all. 
There is nowhere but here, nowhere to go, but to be on the edge, my Darling. x

-Sally Lakshmi Thurley