A Transformation

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Recently I had a client come to me for a full day intensive. That’s right; he was so ready for help and grace that he didn’t want to leave until this problem was solved and a new strategy put in place. Usually, I only do this work on my retreats because it needs the space to allow unfolding and getting used to listening to our inner world. 

He is very wealthy, successful, accomplished, fit and healthy. Something was missing. What the hell was he doing it all for? What was his purpose? His reason for being? He had done everything by the book and achieved much, but his soul was aching. He was a self-made millionaire and had a business, but he did not have a brand. 

I talk a lot about soul work and brand because I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is the way forward for us all to claim that part of the universe, of consciousness that makes us resonate at unforeseen levels. You don’t need to even be in business to benefit from knowing why on earth you are here and what your unique service to the world is.

Did we get there with this wonderful guy in one day? Of course. The weight lifting off his shoulders was instant, I saw him grow and return to ease. He could see where he had gone off course, how his tendencies had impacted his relationships and that he wasn’t as far off as he thought he was. This lovely man also had a misperception that he had to keep upping the bar of his success to prove he is on purpose. That was adding so much stress to him. He’d passed the point of perfect balance and contentment a while ago and kept pushing and growing until he was utterly miserable. We don’t have to do that!

This big strong tradesman who keeps his emotions deep down inside had a massive emotional release and breakthrough when he learned he’s here to connect and teach. They were deeply held wishes that he never thought were possible in this life. We found a way to integrate those into his current life and business, our day was meant to finish at five, but by four he was off and out the door full of inspiration and excitement again. Two days later I received the best thank you letter…

“Thank you. I was without total focus & lacking purpose.
Great experience and felt empowered afterwards -have the right tools now.
It was a fresh approach without the feeling of guilt/failure.
I highly recommend anyone to just pay the money and go with an open mind, be honest with yourself, moving forward takes effort and is not easy, but is very rewarding.” Tony. 

You are consciousness, pure chitti, sparkling, vibrating and resonating. There is something you have, a special gift, that can benefit others and others are looking for your shining star. What is it? Do you wake up every day on fire and purpose knowing what you are here to do and why? If not, why not? It is possible. I do. 

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Sally Thurley