A New Reality

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Vera is faced with a new reality.

Her kids have left home, and there’s no more need to be ready and available all the time with food, washing, support.

Home is peaceful and quiet. Her partner is at work or out doing whatever he does.

She’s no longer interested in the old world, the 9-5, the routine.

Inside, something is speaking. Getting louder. Thumping almost. It makes Vera unsettled with curiosity.

Everything around her seems so beige, when once it was not even noticed by her.

She’s ready. She’s starting to ache. There’s something starting to call her.

She doesn’t want the hassle, the push, the hustle but she wants to be part of this incredible era we are in, to take what she has learned and her gifts to the world.

No longer is her side interest, her fascination tolerable as a small project or idea.

Vera is spiritual. She’s in full bloom. The most beautiful time for women. There’s an energy that’s like a crown and wanting to sit on her head. It is her in all her fullness, her gorgeousness, her glory.

Nothing is more magnificent than a human who is ready from rich life experience, to show all of themselves, to reveal their fragrance, their colours and textures. Wise. Colourful. Honest. Funny.

Vera is a representation of the magnificent women I am working with. There has been a noticeable theme, and it fills me with such reverence. It fills me with excitement for what and who I can be at the same life stage.

Society needs strong matriarchs. Good examples of women who have done life and are ready to take what they have and share with the world. A healthy society has healthy matriarchal influence:

  • Goddesses
  • Mothers
  • She-Monks
  • Lightworkers
  • Healers
  • Creatives
  • Visionaries
  • Sages
  • Oracles
  • Living Angels
  • High Priestesses
  • Aunties
  • Yoginis
  • Mystics
  • Shamans
  • Saints
  • Divas

You are being called. We need you. I know it is coming through you. However it is meant to be for you, we want you.

You, at your best, full bloom, content, complete, wise and loving, are what can heal this planet.

You can do this and not have to worry about taking on the tricks of the younger generations. You are working with me because the brand is calling. You radiate and grow from there and let it do the talking.

I see you. I see the story. I see life’s dents and marks and how magnificent you are owning it all. Beautiful.

You may be a young matriarch due to life's circumstances and ready to step into a long late bloom.   

It has been such a surprise to have this come through for me too. Watching people in significant turning points in their lives, ready to stand in the fullness of them and their experiences to be an example to us all and put the matriarch back where she should be.

As always, want to talk more, know more, see how it can work for you, simply book a chat. SOUL BRAND ANARCHY

Let me see what is trying to call through you. That’s my thing.

Be beautiful. Look forward to full bloom.

Much love. xxx

Sally Thurley