About My Blog


That’s me, otherwise known as Sally Lakshmi Thurley.  I’m a spiritual and wellbeing coach living in Melbourne, Australia with my two awesome kids.

I’m a misplaced mystic, born into a secular suburban and slightly dysfunctional family, having just come out the other side of leaving a spiritual community of almost 20 years. Like many of you, I’m a deep thinker and have a sensitive and intuitive nature, grappling with all the responsibilities put on me by my world around me, to find my own place and speak with my own voice.

My life has been dedicated to understanding what this crazy universe is about, not just from books or from other people.  I wanted to come face to face with God if there really is one, and to access what all seekers want – truth, love, wisdom, peace and all that comes from that.  Sound delicious?  It is.



Because I want to share some amazing pearls I’ve learned along the way.  Great techniques for dealing with life’s setbacks, for getting the best out of this time on Earth we in fact created and asked for, and being ok with who we are.  I’ve got that we are perfect and wonderful and different and yet we’re all in the same boat, doing our best with what we have; all in an effort for love and to feel better about ourselves.  Essentially, we all want to be free but don’t really know what that means or if it’s even possible.

The kind of freedom I’m talking about is where we can be at peace with what’s so, where we learn how to access hope and take universally guided action towards love.  Life is about living from the heart with wisdom.  I’ve met regular people living ordinary lives but possessing extraordinary wisdom, and I’ve met so-called great spiritual teachers with a loose grip on wisdom, able to speak it but not act from it. No-one has a higher claim than anyone else to access wisdom and love.  Freedom is where we are always able to find compassion for ourselves and others, to accept our part in things, and to work out what matters most to us.

There are many ways to find freedom and love, wisdom and peace, but fundamentally it’s a personal journey and an inner one.  There’s no freedom in having to be anything other than who we truly are.  Inside all of us is everything we need to flourish, to forgive, to heal, to live being ok with the situations we’ve found ourselves in.  We don’t need to be a monk, to live in an ashram, to succeed as an entrepreneur, to make millions, to have family support, to be beautiful or funny.  What we have been given is all we need to work with, and all it takes is the decision to want to.  To want to be the best us we can – humble, sweet, insightful, kind, interesting.  They belong to all of us equally. 

I was thrown some monumental curve balls growing up.  I am the kind of person others didn’t quite know what to do with and so people usually left me to it as I went through situation after situation, usually putting my best foot forward and coming out with a smile, and yet encountering many, many obstacles.  There were times it would get too much; times I felt lonely and different from others.  That can still happen, but it’s not something I get bogged down in any more.  I get now that everything happens for a reason and is a blessing, as cliché as that may sound, so the juice is in learning to live with uncertainty and to see that it is what we desire that causes our suffering.  That plus understanding karma, the real meaning of karma.  That was a game changer for me, totally changed my entire perception of life. 

I can’t wait to help you find out what you want, from your soul’s perspective.  Let me work with you and find your place of freedom, a place where you trust your instincts and find the right inner voice to listen to and express.  I can give you easy methods and effective tools for getting the mind working for you, for finding joy and seeing beauty, even in traumatic life events.  We are not our families, our communities, what the movies say we should be.  We are so outrageously unique and may just need a guiding hand to really get it.  The ones destined for worldly ‘greatness’ are no greater than the ones destined for simplicity.  The only criterion is to have a good heart and an open mind.  We all have a role to play and it can be wonderful. 

The pathway I offer is a path of the heart:  a way to fulfilment regardless of life’s circumstances, regardless of success or failure, status, gender, race or age - a way for all that is simple, and will enrich and empower you like you never thought possible.

Please get in touch if you want to find out how, or just want to chat or share.

Lots of love to you all. x

Erin Neumann