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What do you truly want?

Love, joy, peace, freedom?

I provide weary life warriors who’ve stuck to the life script and ended up unhappy and lacking meaning, with a road map to freedom, vitality and the best-awakened life ever.


Hi! I'm Sally ‘Lakshmi Amma’.

Like you, I’ve been frustrated from fitting in and feeling trapped with the expectations to live life a certain way. We are all here for a purpose, to contribute as spiritual beings. You have a reason for being and I care that you reveal what that is and go from unfulfilled and stuck to radiant and fulfilled. I know how to get you there...


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Discover what has been missing in your life and uncover the miraculous world awaiting you.


Learn from my immense wisdom gained from a life devoted to spirituality and 20 years with an Ashram.


Be guided down a path towards your highest wants: love, peace, freedom, joy and light.


Anchor yourself in grace, remove your suffering and heal your life from the inside out.


Finally grasp esoteric spiritual concepts. I focus on straightforward language that will hit home with you.


No more regrets.

Quality spiritual guidance. No New Age woo woo. A plan and support to do it.

Get into the flow of the universe and experience the joy and freedom you’re missing. 


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