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Enlightenment for Entrepreneurs 1/2 Day workshop

$59 AUD

It's time in your life to finally know who you really are?

Want to know how to merge into one your entrepreneurial journey and your spiritual nature? 

Want to know and experience the Divine in a mystical non-religious way?

  • Learn the 7 pillars of foundational spiritual concepts that can take you all the way. 
  • Discover a meditation that suits you. 
  • Explore why you are here and where you are going. 

Mystical Healing

Power Session

$150 AUD

A check-in.  Self-audit.  Where are you?  What's going on?  

Let's get grace back in the picture and flowing. Let me create a space for spirit to fill, to reveal itself, to take away the worry, confusion, stress and anxiety that has taken over.  This session we come from nothing, we sit in communion with your higher self, using self-inquiry technique, finding spiritual solutions to everyday problems.  This is a profound session that will shift any harsh or heavy feelings you may have and bring clarity, lightness and love. This session is immensely healing, you can breath again.  There will always be plenty of deep insight including your divine assignment.  


Soul's Calling &

heart's desire

$150 AUD

My signature process.  This one off session is one of the most powerful and insightful methods you will ever use.  What your soul and heart truly desire is a revelation.  In this one session you find the map to designing your life coming from spirit.  What is it you really want and what you need to do to get there.  Lets not forget leaving the session feeling expanded and in bliss, on fire with purpose.


Spanda Living - one of my big 'a-ha' moments. 

All suffering is caused by ignorance
— Dalai Lama

As a student of yoga for many years I heard so often that suffering is caused by our own ignorance, by our desires, by attachment to the senses and ultimately forgetting who we are.  By ignorance I’m meaning lack of awareness, of knowledge and right perception.  I find the teaching of the great yogis magnificent and heard them again and again and again until one day, my teacher said this suffering thing a slightly different way. 

He said ‘basically all suffering happens when we don’t get what we want’. 

Something went through me, that wonderful experience when your soul is acknowledging and helping you to hear a great truth.  I wrote it down in my notebook and took the thought home with me.  I became like a dog with a bone, wanting to explore this more.  When we are ignorant we are coming from the mind, from our human experience and only know what we want from that level which of course is driven by the senses, from neediness and wanting of things on a more material plane. 

 I watched when I was ‘suffering’ and each time it was clear; I wasn’t getting what I wanted.  I was in fact, having a tantrum, of a suffering kind.  Don’t’ get me wrong, suffering is ok, I don’t buy the negative connotations that come with it.  There is nothing to feel shameful about.  Usually it’s the tough stuff that helps us get clarity and moves us in the right direction.  Sometimes it’s needed to remould us when we have become too rigid and dogmatic.  Suffering certainly has the potential in the right aspirant to breed great compassion too. 

The beauty of the yogis is that they teach us as a core message, that we can find God while participating in the world.  All the bliss, the glory, the divinity is in fact an inner journey and the end is not dry, it’s the nectar of all existence, the Self.  We don’t need to withdraw from the world, we need to get the right relationship for us with it.  I'd hear this all the time but we weren't really given practical methods to pull it off.  We had to kind of work it out for ourselves.  

From my plentiful and rich schooling in practical suffering,  from watching the causes of suffering it became clear that yes, suffering is part of the human condition and suffering doesn’t have to make us miserable and lose hope.  It also became clear that when I’d made the effort to see it from the highest viewpoint of what it is I truly wanted, then the suffering would instantly cease and a rich experiment in living in the moment with uncertainty took its place.  I got what they really meant about ignorance.  I got also that what the soul wants, is a given, a birthright.  We can claim it with total expectation.  We are worthy of all that is good, all that is divine because that is who we really are. 

Oh by the way, that didn’t mean for a moment that pain stopped, that I didn’t have total freak out moments because I was going totally with an unfamiliar way of being.  There is pain in growth and change and guess what, I don’t care who you are, if you are alive in a human body, then this is all part of the bargain and when we are feeling this discomfort we know we are always expanding, learning, adapting.  Wanting to hide, overlook and ignore pain is ignorance and the exact kind of stuff that keeps us stuck and in suffering.  It’s ok.  It teaches us fundamental lessons in becoming ok with our humanness.  Who said spiritual practice was pretty? Au contraire my love.  At times it’s downright ugly.  Like when we come face to face with who we are being….which we have to do in order to lighten the grip of suffering.

From my experience, when are are solely focuses on our practice, on union with God, this becomes our great want over all else, so wanting the qualities of god were part of wanting experience and merging with God. My conclusion was this –

All suffering happens when our human wants don’t match our highest wants or soul’s wants, our heart’s desires. 

Pretty damn cool.  Align or purify your want to your soul's want and voilà, clarity, purpose and ease.

The biggest challenge now was to put this awareness to the test.  Where was I suffering the most?  At the time relationship was hot on my agenda.  There was much suffering, fear and anxiety. It took some months, but in the pursuing of what I wanted most, love, and offering human needy love to unconditional love and coming from that place totally transformed my life.  In ways I could not have even imagined beforehand because I was too narrow in my view.  I had to expand and let things be.  How I turned the ship around to one of self acceptance, self love and love of my life and partner is now my loving service to you. 

If you are really, really committed and willing to go through the practices, the pain of the ego losing its grip over you, the rearing up of your shadow to the light, then I can help you.  If you want to turn your life to a fascinating, humbling and rewarding experience led by your highest self, by consciousness then I’m your girl.  You don’t need to go to a cave, live in a monastery or become a monk…it is possible and it is remarkably simple and straight forward.  You do however need to be really open, totally allowing and have faith. 

Big Hugs xxx