5 Most Common Myths About Spirituality


Spirituality is our ultimate end game.

Eventually we all will come to the point of awakening and self realisation. It’s the whole reason of why we are here....to recognise who we really are and go home. We suffer because we have forgotten that.

If you’ve opened this, then you are at some stage of that journey. It’s crucial to get the right guidance and information. We need to be around people who have gone there, home, and can share their wisdom and knowledge.

When done properly, our spiritual practice becomes our life. It’s OK, you don’t have to wear robes and sit in a cave in the Himalayas! In every moment, we have an opportunity to choose that which expresses our divine connection or not, which takes us to the light or keeps us in the dark. This allows love and truth to flow through us.

You can become what I call a She-Monk. Or a Bro-Monk! We can be a as peaceful and natural as the Dalai Lama and be it in our own homes. :-)

If this sounds as attractive and awesome to you as it does to me then put the pile of self-help books aside, let me help you get clear and straight on what really matters and some of the rubbish that has blocked the way to the most extraordinary experience of life you can’t even begin to imagine.


1. It’s woo-woo, fluffy or irrational.

The real deal is anything but that. Yes, you need to go beyond the mind and that means what you would think is the rational mind, can be the ego-self keeping you safe and acceptable. Spirituality is there to help you open your heart, move to your big mind and make every action one from an aligned and surrendered state without the push of the survival mode. We don’t have to understand what others choose to do, but we do need to be open and tolerant and let the universe work with us in the way it wants to. You find what works for you and stick with it.

2. Enlightened people are always sunshiny and happy and nothing ever goes wrong.

Deep down we
all think this and it holds us back! It’s far from the truth too. Enlightenment doesn’t mean you become anything other than the you who knows who you really are, who gets what this universe is all about. Enlightened beings still live out the life of their bodies and what that entails i.e. disease, ageing, pain, positive and negative feelings. When we hold the idea that we get to a point in life where nothing goes wrong or the sun is always shining we are holding ourselves back from our goal, because for where we are right now, it’s too far away. We are also witnessing one of the delusions about spirituality. Zen gets it right; before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water. You simply become a supremely free and expanded version of you, which is very cool.

3.It’s only for the chosen few.

Grace, consciousness, spirit, love, God, whatever you want to call it, is around us, in us, it is us, it’s shining on us, every single one of us and all equally. Whether in prison or meditating under a tree, we all have the same access to it. When we are ready, the information will come, the help and guidance will come. That’s it. Not everyone is ready and therefore they are closed. We all however, have what it takes to realise our full nature and potential in any moment. Some people grab it, some search, some find it through trauma, some wake up one day with a new understanding and some run from it but it catches them anyway. Some are so asleep they wouldn’t even notice if an angel was sitting next to them.

4. You must be a psychic or medium and healer.

As wonderful and helpful as these gifts are, they have nothing too with being spiritual. You don’t need to ever worry about whether you have them. The more you open to spirit and do your practice, the more intuitive you will become regardless. Many times, these gifts can side track us anyway. We get caught up in them. Remember, these don’t make you spiritual just like eating paleo or being vegan takes you no closer to Nirvana. You don’t need anything other than your ability to be present, keep your heart open, hold an expansive big mind and be of loving service to the world.

5. It’s about renunciation, can’t enjoy life or earn money.

That is the path of the renunciate (Monk, Priest, Swami, Nun, some saints and mystics etc.) but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Throughout history there have been alternatives that have been buried under the magnitude of the big religions. We have all been influenced into believing that poverty and chastity mean we are worthier or more holy. Not the case. Don’t worry unless you want to go down that road. The deal is, live. Live in the world but don’t be attached to it. Don’t get greedy or crazy over money, don’t get addicted to things that pull you away from your spiritual center. That’s literally all. You can do what you have been put here to do and make the most of it, just don’t get caught up in it and be generous and kind with what you have. Be sensible, centered and yes, be humble. That doesn’t mean broke.