Immerse yourself in...

You.  Your inner world.  Let yourself be taken into a place of love, wisdom and your calling in this world.  You will have a delicious mystical experience for five days reconnecting with who you really are through meditations, sacred daily rituals, ancient fire and invocation ceremonies, powerful self-inquiry sessions, the stillness of the bush and much more. 

Emerge with a great sense of peace, wholeness, clarity, purpose and especially wisdom and right action.  You will know how to get love and grace flowing in all areas of your life. You absolutely will  know what you want and how to go about getting it.  Your life and business will have new inspiration and in some cases direction.  

Let me give you a sacred time, an experience of what I had as part of a rich spiritual monaster community and freedom while still living in the world, so you never have to spend years away in a monastery or ashram..I've already done that for you! 

***This is an exclusive retreat***

Due to the nature of the work we will be doing and how I wish to give everyone a lot of time and attention.  We will be doing a lot of transformative work as a collective consciousness so to make how I can best help you and that  we are the right fit, let's have a chat together to find out:

This is what I mean by delicious:

  • My 5 days of unraveling, rest, clearing blocks, getting in touch with the ancient real you, with the sacred, the most universal you and allow yourself to feel the feeling of enlightenment.
  • My own Spanda Mandala Method- process to move to good feeling and inspired action every time..seriously!
  • Self-inquiry daily group sessions – healing through the power of language
  • Paint your own life purpose mandala!
  • She-Monk party 
  • Discover your spiritual personality and the right spiritual practices for you 
  • Beautiful bush setting
  • Readings from the wisdoms of the great mystical saints
  • Lots and lots of meditation
  • Unique and rare initiation into intuitive spiritual Indian cooking..a cooking class by me!
  • Goddess Puja – sacred celebration invoking the divine goddess
  • Fire Ceremony – sacred ritual to release and purify that which we are ready to let go of and declutter from our physical and energy being.
  • Kirtan workshop.
  • Yoga
  • Home cooked plant based meals
I really needed time out to reflect and meditate so Sally’s retreat sounded perfect! I was struggling to find the focus and direction for my business.
I would describe this retreat as a beautiful time to enjoy and soak up the surroundings, to meditate and reflect with an awesome and loving group. Time to get back in touch with your spiritual and soft side.
The biggest moment for me was gaining clarity on my business name and branding, through the processes we did throughout the retreat this feels so right!
Sally is so loving in her delivery and her wisdom and depth of knowledge and experience in spiritual practice is awesome. This is coupled beautifully with solid business skills, a wonderful combination. Sally is so loving, giving and supportive throughout this retreat. She is so encouraging and is such an inspiration to me.
I can absolutely incorporate the information we were received on a daily basis, including the daily meditation, it will help me with my personal well being and my new business branding. Having Sally available for mentoring will help to keep me on track.
After attending this retreat I feel calm, relaxed and have a renewed focus for my business. I could easily have stayed at this retreat for a week. The food was delicious and abundant, the venue was relaxing, rural and comfortable.
— Helen Mc Intosh

Where & When:

Dates: October Sunday 22nd - Thursday 26th 2017

At gorgeous Karma King Lake, Victoria.  

Beautifully contained  rooms set deep into the bush.  Home cooked meals served daily, walking tracks and pot belly fires to create the perfect environment for restful inner work.  


I can't wait to give you the kind of experience that I know you wont get anywhere else and in such a short time frame.  No Himalayan caves  for 20 years needed!  Best of all, I know you will go back home with the connection and ease you so desperatly crave, with your inner self knowing exactly where you are going. And....once you have done this retreat, you are in the She-Monk Family and can come with us to our mega spiritual retreats in India xxx