Is there love or fear or is it all love?

NEWS FLASH!!!!  Guess who's a published author???

My book is called ‘She-Monk’ and I am writing it because in my journey as a yogi and mystic I found the merging of the world and my spirituality not so easy. I found that personal development wasn’t necessarily something that many spiritual aspirants used and often missed the love and mystical element so how can I manage to not only bring but thrive off my practice and dedication to the divine while moving forward in the world.

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God, the universe, spirit, consciousness, whatever that is for you but I'm a God girl so bear with me....God is waiting in that eternal space of no thinking.  It's possible.  There's a way to get there.  

The divine is waiting to embrace and welcome you, to saturate you in love, healing energy, light and bliss.  Seriously! 

Overcome all that you think defines you....your history, your story, your tendencies or shadow, your family, your culture, your community; their dogmas and cultural expectations and rituals that are actually holding you back, no longer serving you.  

I can get you to freedom, if you are ready and willing.  If you have finally suffered enough and want to let go of the control that comes from surviving not thriving, from fear not love.  

I can get you to hope.  To peace.  To wellbeing.  

I can give you all the spiritual tools and resources I have, all the practices I've used and created to break the cycle, the exhausting cycle of self doubt, lack, anxiety....

Learn to accept yourself, deeply, as a whole and integrated wonderful being.  

Forgive. Heal.  Refocus.  Bloom.  

Together we can transform your worldly experience.  

I want you free, desperately.  I want you to fly, to be the real you.  I want you to stop pretending, to stop the pain, the loop of pain and thoughts and a closed heart that keeps us forever trapped in pain.  

No more dogma.  No more rules.  Just consciousness.  Just spaciousness, Just limitlessness.  Just you coming from your highest self, creating a life you love, healing others.  

This is the path of the spiritual explorer and warrior that is already present and waiting in you.  

I love you. 

Are you ready? xxx


Live from the heart.
Find inner peace.
Transform your world.
— Sally Lakshmi Thurley