Spiritual Mentor for Entrepreneurs.

'What the hell is it she does?'  

Would you like to know?

Everything I stand for is so simple.  

I want everyone to experience who they are, be anchored in it -God consciousness, and to take that connection to the world as your soul calling, loving service to humanity that will bring peace and healing to your life and the lives of others.  

To be Grace on legs let’s say.  A She-monk.  A householder world monk, a Dalai Lama spiritual rock star. Having the monk connection and dedication to your Self and keep connection, serenity, love while you engage with the world expressed as who you uniquely are through your purpose.  

I can do this for you two ways:

1. Emerging Entrepreneurs:  needing faith to back up your determination, to overcome your self-doubt and self-worth issues, your fears of stepping up, getting the abundance you need to be successful and keep your mission growing and contributing.  To give you the practical mystical tools to use during this golden transforming opportunity to realise God, your true nature and your business goals.

2. Established Entrepreneurs:  You have broken through to the other side and are now aware that the only journey left, the greatest journey of all, is that of the inner self, the road home to self-realisation.  You want to immerse yourself in God consciousness, to expand your experience, wisdom and love.  You also want the direct route, no fluff, no weird shit, a proven fast track method. That exists, and I can give it to you.  

You want success, you want connection, you want resilience, you want to go home, and you want to contribute to the world.

I work with you purely to keep you anchored in your divinity, feeling the bliss of the self in any and all situations.  

To keep you grounded, calm, happy, humble.  I teach you how to transcend and transform and give you the road map home.  There is no greater way of being than that of loving service to the world, and you can have all you need to succeed.  Money is never the issue, only our thoughts and attachment to it.  

I will not be giving you psychic readings or energy healings, taking you astral travelling or having afternoon tea on a ufo.  I am your spiritual mentor.  My job is to get you experienced with your inner Self and help you learn to stay present, in the eternal moment, to know and accept your divine assignment and know how to keep your heart and mind open at all times to love, compassion and what consciousness is asking of you. 

Our minds are the issue and our stubbornness not to know and work with who we are on both a human and soul level.  This is a humbling journey and bringing grace to the ego can be painful.  There is no way around it.  You will, however, start to feel the joy and bliss that comes with getting a handle on the ego, and working with it.  You will live like you’re never believed possible; with hope, freedom, love and purpose.  

Make this the most sublime and rewarding time.  This is the ultimate goal, the ultimate journey as it is what you came here to do.  You came here for nothing else in fact other than to recognise who you are and go home.  It’s all you want in fact. It is why you can feel so out of sorts, disconnected, sad, down, angry.  

Let’s get real and practical with all this.  Sounds like an oxymoron I get it.  But true spirituality isn’t fluffy or woo woo.  So many spiritual people are caught in b.s., hiding behind their robes, beads, spirit guides, intuition, dogma and excuses.  None of that here! I have a severe allergy to spiritual b.s.

There are time proven ancient practices that work and are totally translatable to today’s world, and I have that covered for you.  No re-creating the wheel here.  I’ve done the study, the sadhana, the work and can give you the straight up distilled and relevant information, tools and practices you need.  

So why are you here? Where are you going? What is it all about? Where did you come from and what is your contribution to your soul and society?

Make your entrepreneurial dream your soul’s passion and navigation back home to your highest Self, to God consciousness.  You are doing the work anyway!

If you are prepared to face your tendencies, face your fears, to help others, to be seen, to be judged, to fail and to live in the uncertainty of where, how, who and what, then you, my friend, are already on the way. 

Let’s go all the way.  Let’s get you started.  The ultimate journey begins here…come to my ½ day workshop.... for more information >>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/241533499639751/