Being Good and the Road Home.

For most of us, our taught ideal of what a spiritual person at their peak is, self-realized, comes from the Saints of the Church or Abrahamic traditions.  Usually, they are poor, pious and the epitome of good, as we know it.  We take this on, without question, as our meter for sainthood and hold any comparison up against it.  Which is where we can become stuck.  Luckily there are other examples out there.

As I write in my book, good is a choice, it is not a measure for enlightenment. 

The sometimes often hard to swallow truth is that we really weren’t in a ‘bad’ situation.  We weren’t hurt.  On a physical biological level, we may have been bruised, violated even and we know that situation or person is not where we want to be. Our emotional reaction to the event or person can create a scar in our psyche or ‘samskara’ which at some stage in our soul’s evolution either in this life or another, we will have to look at and heal. 

When we perceive things as good or bad, we are in fact, binding ourselves to the earth. 

And prone to all the suffering that comes with our perception, because if something is bad, we then will feel bad, we will feel hurt, betrayed, humiliated, in pain.  At this point, we are no longer yogi’s, we have forgotten the yoga.  When I say yoga, I mean the practice of discovering who we really are and becoming one with it.  I could say, we are no longer mystics. We have become attached to the play of consciousness that we think needs to have gone a certain way and should have borne some kinds of fruits or it’s a failure. 

We also close off that part of us that can discern the truth in the situation.  What may look as bad on a human level, is on a universal level, a great teaching or experience.  It may have been the exact right thing to free us and our minds, but we were too caught up in our emotional reactions and mental judgements to milk it for all its worth.

Sometimes the smarter and more brilliant we think our minds are, the longer this journey unnecessarily takes.  What we are after is beyond the mind.  We need to make sure the mind is always in service of our highest good which is the right mood or attitude to take us where we want to go – home.  We want to keep our mind and actions always in God consciousness. 

What I know first-hand and have seen many times is the importance of choosing to live life in a way that constantly challenges our ego, and for most of us, that comes from choosing to be good.  I’m not meaning a good girl who is admired and recognised by her family and peers and a high achiever. I’m meaning, knowing when to say I’m sorry, when to not be right, when to admit there is a more congruent way to behave.  When we most importantly, don’t let pride ruin the beauty and delicacy of learning through having to overcome it.

I’m so inspired by the different methods of ‘right’ living at the moment, be it the 10 Commandments, the Buddha’s 8-fold Path or Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas.  It’s so easy to put on a face of being a certain way when deep down we’re seething with envy, fear of being wrong, anxiety from being seen for who we really are ie not having our shit so together as we want people to think.

As I’m currently devoted to the amazing work entrepreneurs do and getting them to merge their path to success with the path to enlightenment and healing (they are actually the same!) I’ve decided to put a new pillar into my ½ day workshop, 10 special contemplations to meditate on and remember when working so hard and tirelessly on their incredible journey.   

We need to remember that the path to right living, right action, right thought etc as the Buddha would say, is yummy.  Will it take you to enlightenment? He would say it would because they make us face the side of ourselves that doesn’t want to be faced or busted, i.e. work on the ego.  It’s a perfect blend of spiritual practice and personal development, a subject, if you have read my book, you will know I dearly love.

I do have to add, there is no need for any of it if you are desperate for union with God.  Nothing.

All roads lead to Rome however and the love that oozes out of you when full of compassion, love, forgiveness, humility is well worth the effort. 

Please note I’m talking about self-realisation here, not your success in the world as a decent person doing the right thing in society.

I ask you, what ‘right way’ do you follow?  Are you aligned with an existing path or have you carved out your own? I’d love to know! Make sure to comment below and share.

If you would love to hear my fabulous tips for entrepreneurs, make sure to come along and enjoy my soul nourishing ½ Day Workshop called Awaken.  It really is the first step on the ultimate journey. 

Much love x