Stop Window Shopping

Are You A Spiritual Window Shopper?

I remember when I first heard this term decades ago I couldn’t understand what the big deal was.  I was a prolific consumer and experiencer of anything that gave me the wisdom and love I was craving.  I devoured and took on any teaching that tickled my fancy, trying to extract its nectar and reach my heart’s desire which was always to go home.  

Then, of course, I also stumbled across a tradition that was so rich and full of everything I knew I wanted and needed it became a no brainer to go in and shop properly, investing all into it.  

When the call to be of service to the world came, and it was time to move on, I came out with amazement at what was happening in the general spiritual world.  It was like Willy Wonka's. So many delicious varieties in ideas, paths, teachings, teachers.   With fascination and awe like a kid in a candy shop, I wanted to know and taste the juice of each and every one of them, even though I am happily established with my own. 

After some time, however, and only a short period, I began to recognise that this cornucopia of ideas and methods wasn’t that beneficial.

I could see the dissipation of spiritual energy generally, rather than the gain.  Being present to and masterful of our spiritual energy is all our practice in a nutshell.  I could see also how modern interpretations of ancient knowledge (yes, seriously, there is still nothing new)  was fascinating and exciting for those looking for the ultimate of teachings, or perhaps silver bullets yet inadvertently, keeping people in a loop they couldn’t climb out of or pass through.  

We are here for enlightenment, right?  For Self-Realization? 

Well, window shopping is not giving you what you need.  All that information overload and no dedication to practice.  Whatever happened to pure and simple practice? One practice is all you need, the right one for you.  It will contain everything; there is no need to look for more.  

Please, find a store you like, and shop there.  For now, only there.  

And for Christ’s sake, walk in and purchase.  Contribute, go deep and no longer wide.  Be responsible for your spiritual attainment and nourishment and know that it’s when we stick with the one that we get what we need.  Then move on if need be.  But by then you will have distilled the grace as your own.

Find most importantly, someone who has cracked the code and stay with them. Learn how to follow and nurture the spiritual energy.  That will give you everything  i.e., intuition, healing, growth, opening, love, wisdom, joy, etc.  There is no substitute for experience.  Nothing academic will get you there, not even scriptures.  It’s about BEING. 

My passion is for you to be love in action, grace on legs and taking your own spirituality to the world.  So enough window shopping guys.  If it is a spiritual silver bullet you are after, honestly, as with business, find and do what another did who got there, take it on as your own and see your own beauty emerge.

Put in the time and do the work. Become your own experiment and be almost obsessive compulsive in following your inner journey.  A scattered energy gets scattered results.  You may have some real spiritual intelligence, but it will need the right company and right guidance to become what you essentially already are.  For those who work with me or have done m ½ Day Workshop, remember it’s all about that cup of grace, keep it full!  

So, which shop will you finally choose and enter?  Go deep my darlings.  Break on through to the other side.   See you there.  

Much Love x