Is it Love or Fear or Just Love?

We hear that there is love, or there is fear.  Makes perfect sense.  But personally, that’s the 2nd step of the story.  I think it’s giving way too much cred to fear being put in the same category as love. 

From my background and experience, everything is consciousness.  There is nothing that is not consciousness. If you’ve meditated enough and come in contact with the stuff of the universe, then perhaps you have also experienced consciousness as Love.  

They are one and the same.  If we go beyond the earthly realms of existence, we also experience that there is no such thing as fear.  That is because fear is mind based, whereas love is what pulsates through the universe and is our ultimate final experience.  Love is actually limited by the mind, by language. Fear is created from it, part of duality.  Love creates us.  There is a remarkable difference.  

Fear is a great umbrella word for negative emotions because behind them all is fear. Vibrationally these emotions resonate differently and are not always bad contrary to what many people believe. There is something beautiful that comes from the Bhakti teachings or the devotional yoga tradition where they explain the longing in the heart for God.  

Sometimes when we feel deep pain or melancholy, even sadness, it is not because we are out of alignment or unwell, it because we know that nothing here compares to or even remotely satisfies like being embraced by the Divine, like our true nature and experience. The feeling can be a glorious one; it can put us so profoundly into our hearts that we can weep with joy. There can be ecstasy in that state which elevates to love.  It’s a beautiful process.  Have you ever had that? I find this magnificent. 

Everything is love.  Everything we can experience with the five senses and beyond are all manifestations of love.  Fear, therefore, is love.  It is simply love misrepresented as something else.  My teacher would say it's in disguise. I like the explanation from the Vedas.  We all come from consciousness and there is only love but to take form and be part of this human experience there is what is called ‘Maya’ or an illusionary principle.  It acts as a veil.  Without that veil, we are enlightened.  That’s all enlightenment is a removal of the veil which another word for that is ignorance, and yet being alive means that the veil is part of life experience until we leave and move on. 

When we experience fear, doubt, anger, frustration, hurt, etc., we are experiencing a concealment of love.  In other words, a concealment of grace and yet at the same time they are grace.  We are not flawed because of this; we just aren’t looking with the right perspective.  Often our greatest breakthroughs and personal growth spurts happen when dealing with these negative emotions which are part of why we encounter them.  The degree and consistency of how often that happens depend on how alert we are, to our resolve to not suffer anymore and also to our karmas.  All of which are transcend-able.

I'm saying, there is just love.  Whether concealed or not, the concealing part is still love. Get it? 

What can the antidote be?  Hmm, will you write me off as a giant hippy if I say, love? Cause it’s true. What do I mean? Let’s look at it. When the so-called negative emotions and reactions come, we have been blind sighted and in the moment forgotten who we are and yes our friend fear has made an entrance.  We have hooked into a situation, responsibility, an idea, belief, our image, being right, our ego and so forth. We may be fearful of humiliation, of rejection, isolation, abandonment, not being worthy of love…those charming little chestnuts. Waiting right behind them is love.  To move back to love is the way forward.  

How do we do that?  Firstly, by making the effort to do so, it’s by choice.  To get this far is a breakthrough and you are way ahead of the general human race here.  Then awareness is the key. What do you do that brings you into the present moment, that gets you in touch with awareness? I meditate.  

You know, sometimes just saying to yourself that love is behind this experience can be enough.  If you are hugely stuck, then I find self-inquiry the best tool I’ve ever found to get behind the thoughts and emotions.  Who am I? Is this real? What is going on here? What am I meant to get from this? What is the truth? What if it’s not as bad as I thought it was? It does take some mastery and earnestness, to be honest with yourself here. Prayer can hit the mark if this isn't something you're strong with yet. Pray that the truth is revealed, and your heart spared, ask for love to be showered on all involved.

What a mystical and incredible divine set up for us to find our way home.  

Remind yourself who you are, the I AM.  Sit with it. Embrace it.  Embrace the situation and exploration you just went through, have gratitude and offer it back to the universe. Enjoy the new perspective, the new language, the new feeling.  If you can, surrender, with love, all of yourself.  That’s way cool ;-) 

Remember, there is love, then a concealment of love by Maya which is part of the cosmic setup, represented by fear.  Being ok with that, find some quiet space, connecting with spirit and getting a fresh perspective by remembering who we really are will do it every time.  Can you do it?  You are a She-Monk then my friend, and you are fabulous.  

How did you go? I’d love to hear your stories of overcoming fear and also on my, what I find is an unbelievably gorgeous and comforting experience, that it is all love, to begin with; even the crappy fear.