The Ultimate Gift......

Hey there lovely,

I want to talk about something today, that will hopefully bring some extra love and also some relief for you at this time of year. 

Christmas is such a wonderful time, but not for everyone.  For some of us, it can actually remind us of what we are missing.  It can bring us in touch with the people who are no longer in our lives.  For some people, it's a desperately lonely time of the year.  Of course, all you want, all spirit wants, is love, harmony and peace. 

No matter what a year it has been, how it has ended, the stories, the memories or the conflicts, I know what a stand for love you are.   Beautiful, radiant you. Yes, behind the frazzle and the crazy of this time of the year, you are still ever colorful and bright, believe it or not.  If you don't believe me, just ask your higher self.

I've ended this year as it started in some ways, with some loss and grief.  I am however not the same person I was at the beginning of the year and whatever is present now, I have wonderful tools to deal with them, even more streamlined and practical than before.  Basically, my system works and I want to share it with you as much as possible, I want us all to thrive and to feel feelings deeply with love and acceptance then move to a brave new attitude and future. 

The place I ended up this morning, I realised is actually a great gift.  I spent time doing something we all know about but rarely really do.  Seriously. It's the pivot point of all healing, it's fundamental nourishment for our soul and they key to a positive new tomorrow.  

What is it? 


As the images and feelings were consuming my attention today, I asked spirit, my higher self, what is grabbing all my attention, what is going on?  Where am I draining my energy?  It was the loss of some family at this delicate time of year that is all about family.  I have a challenging dynamic with an important member, especially since my mother died and they’re less than open to hearing any wisdom and love on the situation.  

Any dwelling on it of course does nothing but drain life force from every cell in my body.  After sitting with and deeply accepting the feelings, I simply forgave them.  I forgave myself too.  I forgave myself for not being able to wave a magic wand, for not finding  a way with all the skills I have, to fix it.  I forgave them and it came easily because really, the motivation is ALWAYS good.  We sincerely do what we do, whether good or bad, to try and make ourselves feel better, protected, safe, less vulnerable.  These aren't great things to defend actually, but they are first and foremost to our human nature, when we are separated from spirit.  Here is where compassion can come in. 

So I ask you, what is draining you today?  What topic or person is on your mind, constantly, grabbing your precious energy and attention?  

Now forgive them.  I’m not saying here it’s healthy to be around them, it may be that accepting things are as they are is the best way forward, as good as it gets.  We can always however breathe some love and forgiveness into the situation. 

If they are amenable and open then to their face is best, with no desire for anything in return.  Hug them, say you forgive them and hope they forgive you.  Deeply connect. It may be you have to do this with yourself.  As with my Dad, that's not possible.  So instead, I say a prayer.  I see an image of him that's nice and I say it to him in my heart.  I forgive you.  I love you.  God please send this forgiveness to them so they are in less pain too, so they have a great day.  I imagine hugging him, I imagine the perfect scenario and peace comes to my heart.  

The power of forgiveness and love is so strong and transformative.  God has heard, the angels have heard and the world has seen a little more light, a movement of energy.  The intention alone lessens the grip of a negative mind and emotional state.  

I'd love to hear how you go, feel free to reply to this in the comments below and share with me your experience, or of course if you need some help getting to forgiveness I'm happy to help.  Love and forgiveness and acceptance help us have a good experience in any situation.  

Thank you for being you, oh and of course, I forgive you and I hope you forgive me! 

Love you lots, 


Sally xoxoxox