There is a path to our heart’s desires. There is a path to freedom and love from pain, boredom and suffering. Each path is unique and I would love to help you work yours out.
— Sally Lakshmi Thurley

Hey there Gorgeous x.


I’m Sally Lakshmi Thurley.


Lakshmi is my spiritual name.


When I was around 10 years old, an unexpected and unusual thing happened to me. The experience, which I later came to recognise as my awakening and first experience of God, shaped my life and by 16, I knew that living a normal life with normal expectations wasn’t for me.


What I didn’t understand at first

was that what I’d discovered and knew with every part of my being, no-one else seemed to believe in - and having an awakening didn’t actually mean life was going to be a bed of roses. In fact, I was thrown head first into the fire.


My early awakening didn’t mean I could peacefully disappear to a cave; instead, worldly life created a challenging curriculum and the stakes became higher. I laugh and call myself a ‘misplaced mystic’.  A joke really because I think worldly life is the perfect place for a mystic, or spiritual seeker; an arena to challenge oneself and to give to others.


There is a way to live in the world, as a deeply spiritual person. 


To really do it, to live the ‘yoga’ in the world is a spiritual practice all on its own.


There is a path to our heart’s desires. Yes we go for it.


There is a path to freedom and love from pain, stuck, dull, confusion and suffering.


Life is magical, it’s alchemical, it’s fantastic, it can be beautiful and it can be brutal, but life always gives us all we need to walk our souls back home. X 

My Manifesto

To:  live from the heart with wisdom.

 never stop transforming and growing.

thrive by living with uncertainty.

consistently forgive myself for my tendencies and imperfections.

 love and revel in the ok-ness of who I am.

hold what I know as true and use that experience to help as many people, who are interested, as I can.

 be totally honest.

Keep the company of those wondrous beings full of grace, divinity, truth or experience.

Always bend the rules and trust my intuition.

Never let anyone, any opinion or any dogma prevent me being the full authentic expression of who I am. 

Remember that my innate nature is abundance, well being, joy, peace, freedom and love. 

Extended fascinating profesh bio for those who are interested coming soon